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[Files] Bolcatoid updated (MorphOS)ANN.lu
Posted on 06-Oct-2004 07:38 GMT by Hooligan/DCS9 comments
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The Arkanoid-clone Bolcatoid has gotten a couple updates since 0.95. Bugs have been corrected and new features have been added.

Download Bolcanoid from here

God I still love Arkanoid =)
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Bolcatoid updated (MorphOS) : Comment 8 of 9ANN.lu
Posted by hooligan/dcs on 07-Oct-2004 13:05 GMT
I got to last level.. its a freaking KILLER :)
#9 hooligan/dcs
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Comment 9hooligan/dcsRegistered user08-Oct-2004 16:03 GMT
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