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[Events] 1st Virtual MorphOS User Meeting '04ANN.lu
Posted on 08-Oct-2004 11:26 GMT by Invitiation25 comments
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Meet old and new friends, have some talk about MorphOS/ Amiga future. All MorphOS user and other interested Computer nerds/geeks are kindly invited to join this IRC (Internet Relay Chat) meeting. It's free! ;-)

DATE: 08./09./10. October 2004 (yes, it's this weekend)

LOCATION: #morphos @ ch1.arcnet.vapor.com (http://arcnet.vapor.com/) (or use the online interface on http://www.morphzone.org)

If you are using MorphOS then please add [MOS] to your nick for easy recognition.

Looking forward to see YOU!!! Let's break the channel user record!!! :-)
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