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[Events] 1st Virtual MorphOS User Meeting '04ANN.lu
Posted on 08-Oct-2004 11:26 GMT by Invitiation25 comments
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Meet old and new friends, have some talk about MorphOS/ Amiga future. All MorphOS user and other interested Computer nerds/geeks are kindly invited to join this IRC (Internet Relay Chat) meeting. It's free! ;-)

DATE: 08./09./10. October 2004 (yes, it's this weekend)

LOCATION: #morphos @ ch1.arcnet.vapor.com (http://arcnet.vapor.com/) (or use the online interface on http://www.morphzone.org)

If you are using MorphOS then please add [MOS] to your nick for easy recognition.

Looking forward to see YOU!!! Let's break the channel user record!!! :-)
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1st Virtual MorphOS User Meeting '04 : Comment 24 of 25ANN.lu
Posted by gary_c on 10-Oct-2004 09:51 GMT
In reply to Comment 10 (drHirudo):
I guess this is a sarcasm, but you can't count the real membership number by the number of the people who post often. For example I am a real member there but post rarely, and many people are doing so. Look at the Who's Online section on the left bottom - it gives better estimate. Most of the time it's more than the visitors of Amiga.org, and 10 times more than the visitors of MorphZone. Fact!

Two points, one minor, one more significant: The first point is that quite a few people registered at AmigaWorld.net aren't fans, but are registered in order to post other points of view. Some have said so already in this thread; I'm included in that group. The reverse is probably true to a much lesser extent in the case of MorphZone, but even at Amigaworld.net this group is probably a very small percentage of the total.

And the second, more significant point: To me it's completely natural that Amigaworld.net has many more registered users than MorphZone.org. I believe a lot of people have followed the AW.net course out of momentum or inertia, and because the site represents the official continuation of the classic Amiga line. In the case of MorphZone, users have had to make an active decision to "jump boat" and change to a new platform, even if unofficially it is as smooth a transition from the classic line as AmigaOS4, if not more so. These means the number of users is likely to be much smaller at MorphZone; however, the users there are generally more active with the new platform and *seem+ to be more experienced computer users (just my observation, admittedly, based on the number and quality of requests for help and so on at each site, among other things).

The share (and probably the absolute number) of registered users at MorphZone that actually have and use a Pegasos is, I think, *much* higher than the number of AmigaWorld.net users that have and use an AmigaOne/AOS4. This is just my impression based on the nature of people's posts at the two sites, from what they post about, and how many seem to be saying they either have a new machine or don't have one and are waiting for some new model or whatever, for each side. If this generalization is more or less correct, then we can say that MZ is more of a *users'* site, whereas AW is more of a *fan* site (though of course many AW users do have an AmigaOne, though not as many as MZ users have a Pegasos). I don't know if these generalizations mean anything good or bad for either site, but they put things in perspective if we're making registered user number comparisons. Just a subjective observation, FWIW.

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