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[Forum] Cool video with nice butterflies!ANN.lu
Posted on 13-Oct-2004 20:15 GMT by Butterfly23 comments
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Here is a German metal video (very soft "Ramstein" alike, nice song, beutiful vocals from female vocalist) for all blue butterfly lovers out there! ;-)


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Comment 9Christophe DecaniniRegistered user13-Oct-2004 22:59 GMT
Comment 10Ronald St-Maurice14-Oct-2004 00:06 GMT
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Comment 12Amon_ReRegistered user14-Oct-2004 04:06 GMT
Comment 13Metalheart14-Oct-2004 05:39 GMT
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Comment 19Christophe DecaniniRegistered user14-Oct-2004 11:57 GMT
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Comment 21Metalheart15-Oct-2004 17:40 GMT
Comment 22Alkis TsapanidisRegistered user17-Oct-2004 14:51 GMT
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