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[Unmoderated] WrongPlanet is at it again!ANN.lu
Posted on 15-Oct-2004 02:20 GMT by WP20 comments
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We at WrongPlanet have done it again! We sent one of our reporters out to meet up with famous German psychologist Eliza Totmacher to have her make an indepth psychological research of a few of the most famous "community celebreties". Here findings, after a lengthy and complex research are very interesting. Do not miss out on this and be quick to check out the article! Forces are moving behind the scenes to have the article removed! A cease and desist letter has just arrived on our office desks and our team of lawyers adviced us to not say more about this issue for now. This may be your only chance to read what Mrs Totmacher found out! While you're at it check out our main site for a lot more Earth shattering news on the outer frontiers of amiga space!
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WrongPlanet is at it again! : Comment 20 of 20ANN.lu
Posted by XraalE on 15-Oct-2004 21:26 GMT
In reply to Comment 16 (Anonymous):
> Ah here's one moderator of this "satire"site.

The site has no moderation except direct editing of Tourettes-afflicted posts by the admin, not that there have been many, surprisingly. Ergo, no moderators.

> Well...in any case, he does like Ralph Schmidt and Billy Boy Buk
> a lot more then Ben Hermans and Mike Bouma.

No he/she/it doesn't. It's hilarious you even accusing him/her/it of it. :D
I thought what was aimed at Neko more biting, and he's a long known red troll, right?

> I don't know what country you're from but one thing is for sure: The
> meaning of "satire" in your country is a hell lot different from what
> it means in mine.

Satire, through history, has always had the possibility of being incisive, abrasive, and even insulting, wherever a culture is enlightened enough to allow it to appear. It's a symptom of free speech in a free world. If this kind of satire is not found (ie. not allowed) in your country you must either be a Communist or live in a theocracy. Or in a small, collectivist autonomy somewhere where people have to be totally nice to each other and not have any differing views. And eat grass.

> The "lesser being" who wrote that article is probably an Aros supported
> then, the sourcecode buddies of MorphOS.

Sure, everyone is against the poor, victimised reds. AROS is partnered up with MorphOS and the x86 people to destroy them! It's a conspiracy to steal the God-Given Amiga Spirit away from its righteous owners! (*Munch grass*)
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