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[Web] Pegasos-Italia Site reaches 10.000 visitsANN.lu
Posted on 15-Oct-2004 17:24 GMT by Raffaele19 comments
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Good news. In Italy there is still a certain interest for the Amiga-like platforms as stated by the 10.000 visits which Pegasos-Italia site (Miky'060) received in less than a year, and celebrated some days ago. Congratulations Miky. It is a great result for an italian site featuring amiga-like products since the demise of CBM.
I hope also that AmigaOne and Pegasos producers will not leave italian market alone.
In places where is still an Amiga community, loyal fans and potential buyers, there are opportunities for a great profit.
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Pegasos-Italia Site reaches 10.000 visits : Comment 14 of 19ANN.lu
Posted by Seehund ( on 16-Oct-2004 13:03 GMT
In reply to Comment 11 (Darrin):
When money enters the picture everything gets even more confusing and inconsistent! Colons, underscores, dashes, superscript...
Things like "SI", "English" or "the rest of the world" no longer apply, you'll be lucky to see the same style of writing in two shops on the same street in some places. :)

Also, just because one style is how it "should be" or is recommended in one place or language doesn't mean that everyone will bother doing so, or even know about it - as this English newsitem is an example of.


The big question is when you transatlantic chaps will grab yourselves by the hair and pull yourselves out of the dark ages and start using SI units? As long as NASA uses the same units as stubbornly anachronistic fishmongers use, things WILL go wrong! ;)
#15 Darrin
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