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[Web] Pegasos-Italia Site reaches 10.000 visitsANN.lu
Posted on 15-Oct-2004 17:24 GMT by Raffaele19 comments
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Good news. In Italy there is still a certain interest for the Amiga-like platforms as stated by the 10.000 visits which Pegasos-Italia site (Miky'060) received in less than a year, and celebrated some days ago. Congratulations Miky. It is a great result for an italian site featuring amiga-like products since the demise of CBM.
I hope also that AmigaOne and Pegasos producers will not leave italian market alone.
In places where is still an Amiga community, loyal fans and potential buyers, there are opportunities for a great profit.
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Comment 1DarrinRegistered user15-Oct-2004 21:44 GMT
Pegasos-Italia Site reaches 10.000 visits : Comment 2 of 19ANN.lu
Posted by Raffaele ( on 15-Oct-2004 22:55 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (Darrin):

But I think it is not probablesituation.

I visited Pegasos-Italia less than a week ago and I personally read 9988 visits on the public counter.

So I made a phone call to Miky who get astonished.

Busy into other activities he had not checked his site-stats from a very long time (and also he had problems on the phone line from over than a month. And this fact forced him to use a 56k modem instead of his ASDL connection).

Maybe after he had received my call, he could had made some "personal" visits to his site, in order to reach magical 10.000 visits number.

But I don't believe such a behaviour from Miky, because I know him personally.

At least if a site from you could had reached 9988 visits...

...Then will you had falsed the stats to reach 10.000 in a shorter time, instead to wait for usual visitors?


However I can assure you that last time I visited Pegasos Italia Site I was 10007 visitor.

I saved also whole page in a file to keep it as a memory, a proof to say Miky: «Hey. I am of that number!».

And because I like such a number which contains 007 in it.
It is a Lucky number. :lol:
#3 Seehund
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