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[Files] Hangman game updatedANN.lu
Posted on 18-Oct-2004 18:42 GMT by amipuzas6 comments
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New version of hangman availible to download. New features, sounds graphics, bugs corrected and updated the dictionaries, full screen and window modes to play. Now MorphOS and AmigaOS executables in the same package. Enjoy it. download
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Comment 1hooligan/dcsRegistered user18-Oct-2004 18:07 GMT
Comment 2amipuzas19-Oct-2004 02:59 GMT
Comment 3Johan Rönnblom19-Oct-2004 13:49 GMT
Comment 4Kolbjørn Barmen19-Oct-2004 17:35 GMT
Comment 5amipuzas19-Oct-2004 19:34 GMT
Comment 6amipuzas19-Oct-2004 21:30 GMT
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