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[Forum] AROS for pegasos?ANN.lu
Posted on 18-Oct-2004 19:16 GMT by AROS luddite14 comments
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when or where is Pegasos for aros?
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Comment 1Fabio AlemagnaRegistered user18-Oct-2004 18:03 GMT
Comment 2Anonymous18-Oct-2004 19:17 GMT
Comment 3Anonymous18-Oct-2004 19:24 GMT
Comment 4Ronald St-Maurice18-Oct-2004 19:25 GMT
Comment 5timofonicRegistered user18-Oct-2004 19:42 GMT
Comment 6Anonymous19-Oct-2004 03:34 GMT
Comment 7Fabio AlemagnaRegistered user19-Oct-2004 03:36 GMT
AROS for pegasos? : Comment 8 of 14ANN.lu
Posted by Ronald St-Maurice on 19-Oct-2004 04:31 GMT
In reply to Comment 7 (Fabio Alemagna):
Yeah, now that I remember better I think it was Dammy who spoke of it.

Any good news to report on AROS?
#9 Fabio Alemagna
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Comment 9Fabio AlemagnaRegistered user19-Oct-2004 04:43 GMT
Comment 10Elwood20-Oct-2004 05:47 GMT
Comment 11Elwood20-Oct-2004 06:39 GMT
Comment 12Fabio AlemagnaRegistered user20-Oct-2004 06:51 GMT
Comment 13hooligan/dcsRegistered user20-Oct-2004 08:31 GMT
Comment 14nyarlathotep20-Oct-2004 10:27 GMT
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