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[News] Directory Opus Magellan Worldwide AnnouncementANN.lu
Posted on 20-Oct-2004 09:43 GMT by ece (Edited on 2004-10-20 12:30:55 GMT by Christian Kemp)40 comments
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Gothenburg, Sweden, October 20th, 2004. Guru Meditation and GPSoftware are proud to announce that they have reached agreement on the acquisition of the exclusive, worldwide rights to Directory Opus Magellan for the Amiga platform from GPSoftware. This legendary file manager that started on the Amiga will finally be coming back in a new version in 2005! source: Amigaworld.net
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Directory Opus Magellan Worldwide Announcement : Comment 36 of 40ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 21-Oct-2004 13:51 GMT
In reply to Comment 34 (Darrin):
> I get the distinct feeling that that comment was meant to stay firmly within that group and was not meant to assist others in attacking Hyperion.

I don't the impression that Greg Perry would be overly concerned about it (beeing as angry with Hyperion as he sounds). But must admit that I don't get the reasoning behing such a request. Maybe it's a psychologial trick: what people like to do most is what is forbidden. Disallow a re-post and it will be posted on ann quicker than you can say Indiana Jones. Drifting off: Maybe this principle works for freeware authors, too. Make a free program, insert a copyright notice, upload to kaazaa. If my theory works, that will double the number of users.
#37 Darrin
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