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[Web] Amiga Oasis OnlineANN.lu
Posted on 22-Feb-2000 08:33 GMT by Christian Kemp5 comments
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A game-oriented site with news, cheats, information on the #AmigaGames IRC channel, relevant downloads...

Amiga Oasis Online
Amiga Oasis Online : Comment 1 of 5ANN.lu
Posted by Androxyn on 21-Feb-2000 23:00 GMT
Cool site
Amiga Oasis Online : Comment 2 of 5ANN.lu
Posted by Mark Olsen on 21-Feb-2000 23:00 GMT
Made with Amiga..
.. Erhm, i mean FrontPage...
Amiga Oasis Online : Comment 3 of 5ANN.lu
Posted by Jim Farley on 21-Feb-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 2 (Mark Olsen):
Come on now! Show me an easy to use WYSIWYG web creation tool on the Amiga! GoldEd may be a nice HTML tool, but it is no WSIWYG site builder. Not everyone has the time to invest in not only learning all the aspects of HTML, but to constantly update a site using HTML.
This guy didn't have to create an Amiga related website at all, but he did. I personally am in the process of creating a quite LARGE Amiga 1000 related website, and guess what? I am using a PC with Dreamweaver 3 to create the site. Why you ask? The answer is two fold. First and foremost my Amiga 3000 is DEAD again for the second time in 4 months. Kind of hard to do anything productive on a computer that's hardware keeps failing. The second reason is there is nothing on the Amiga even close to being in the same league as Dreamweaver3 for website creation.
Amiga Oasis Online : Comment 4 of 5ANN.lu
Posted by Jeremy Bender on 21-Feb-2000 23:00 GMT
...btw, MetalWeb is still unusable, at least in its current form.
Maybe MetalWeb v9 will come at least close to, say, Frontpage
Express... :/
Amiga Oasis Online : Comment 5 of 5ANN.lu
Posted by Eric on 22-Feb-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (Jim Farley):
To heck with WYSIWYG, I use hsc on the Amiga. It makes updating and
modifying large sites very easy, you can automate complex tasks, and
since you're in complete control it doesn't spew bogus HTML like
WYSIWYG programs tend to. (Unless, of course, you write bogus HTML to
begin with....)
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