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Posted on 28-Mar-2000 13:05 GMT by Christian Kemp4 comments
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Kevin Orme writes: Amiga University is launched, as of 3/27/00. This site is intended to help all Amigans everywhere to use their Amigas to the nth degree as originally designed. Hello fellow Amigans. I would like to take but a moment of your time to notify you of a new site that isn't quite done yet, but is definitely on the way and hopefully will be able to help *all* of you use your Amigas to the nth degree, as they were designed to be used.

Due to the excitement being generated by this year's Amiga2K show, we wanted to announce our presence just before the show to jump on the bandwagon. As Bob Scharp likes to say, Amiga2K is going to be HUGE!

The site is called Amiga University, and located at http://www.amigau.com. We are currently looking for the following:

  1. Visitors to the site, primarily Amiga users from around the globe who want to use their Amiga in new, different ways as well as expand on their existing knowledge of current interests. Refer to the News page for the sections of the site already done vs. those still under construction (we're about halfway there at present);
  2. Faculty for the university. If any of you have specific Amiga knowledge or experience and would like to share it, please visit our Faculty pages and climb on board, we'd love to have you. It doesn't matter if your expertise is in hardware hacks, Lightwave animation or MIDI wizardry, the more the merrier!


  3. We have other 'projects' we'd like to get underway as soon as feasible. Please visit our Projects page and decide if you're interested in helping on these/leading others.


  4. Finally, we will be at Amiga2K, sharing a booth with Northwest Amiga Group (NAG). Please stop by! We'll have mousemats and hats for sale, as well as faculty sign up forms and anything else Amiga you want to talk about, we're all ears.
See you at Amiga2K!

Kevin Orme
Founder, Amiga University

Amiga University

Amiga University : Comment 1 of 4ANN.lu
Posted by Mike on 27-Mar-2000 22:00 GMT
Ok, I'm sorry to criticize good intentions, but this site seems to follow the Amiga tradition of announcing its existance before it is ready for prime time. I click on the link, and like half of the site is 'under contruction', and there is very little content. Same for amigan.com, which posted thatit will be opening and functional on April 3. Why no just wait to release this tidbit UNTIL April 3rd, or whenever you get the damn thing up and running right :) ??? No one is going to mark their calendars and hold their breath waiting to see a web sight that's currently half done, and few are going to go back to a web sight that has little useful information the first time they visited.
I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but I'm just trying to give you guys some common sense advice here. Get it right the first time, because there are plenty of Amiga web sites around. People aren't going to keep coming back to see if you finally have your shit together, so have your shit together when you start posting news about your site!!!
That being said, all the best of luck!
Amiga University : Comment 2 of 4ANN.lu
Posted by Frederik on 28-Mar-2000 22:00 GMT
Well whatever
I think this is a good idea.
Maybe some good HW and SW will be the result.
Amiga University : Comment 3 of 4ANN.lu
Posted by Kevin Orme on 28-Mar-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (Mike):
This is a legitimate criticism, I'll grant you. I work in tech support in my real job, so I'm used to harsh words (believe me, I'd like to dish them onto customers once in a while :).
As I indicated, I only 'newsed' now in anticipation of Amiga2K to let people know we would be there, as I know a LOT of Amigans are going to be at this one.
So while I agree with you, the site is only half done, stay tuned. We aren't done yet, by a long shot, and we'll prove it to you over the coming weeks. If you have further suggestions, I'm listening.
The sections of the site that are effectively 'done' are Programming, Science, 1/3rd of the "amiga" section and most of Visual Arts. Again, if you want to contribute, that's always an option. Thanks for your feedback! Better to get some than none at all, right? :)
Kevin Orme
amiga university
Amiga University : Comment 4 of 4ANN.lu
Posted by bill bonner on 28-Mar-2000 22:00 GMT
Go for it Kevin. . .the conceptual 'AMIGA UNIVERSITY' provides a focus
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