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[Motd] UpdateANN.lu
Posted on 18-Apr-2000 14:55 GMT by Christian Kemp15 comments
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I hope to be able to work on ANN throughout the week and over the weekend. The first change will be to turn off unmoderated posting by default, and revert to a system similar to the thresholds I used in 1999. The comments script needs a long-overdue revision and a few aspects of the layout also need a change. I've been reconsidering the "contribute/ANN ad-free" idea I had a few months ago. How many of you would be prepared to pay $25 per year and in return receive a special login id so you wouldn't see any advertisement banners anymore? Please voice your opinions in the comments section.
Update : Comment 1 of 15ANN.lu
Posted by Ben Yoris on 17-Apr-2000 22:00 GMT
Ads don't bother me.
Update : Comment 2 of 15ANN.lu
Posted by Mike Bouma on 17-Apr-2000 22:00 GMT
I think especially Amiga ads are useful. Amiga advertisers need a place to do some advertising, there aren`t many magazines left so online advertising is a logical step to promote your product. Well placed banner ads don`t bother me one bit, but I dislike popup-ads very much.
Sincerely, Mike Bouma.
Update : Comment 3 of 15ANN.lu
Posted by Jofre Furtado on 17-Apr-2000 22:00 GMT
Um, pay...?
A forum is not worth the money. I, personally, like this site very much and would not mind the banners and ads; howvwe, I will not pay for Amiga news any more until it's in the form of a printed official magazine.
Update : Comment 4 of 15ANN.lu
Posted by Paul D. Ferguson on 17-Apr-2000 22:00 GMT
I would not mind paying $25. per year for this news source, however, I do not
mind the advertising banners, either.
Update : Comment 5 of 15ANN.lu
Posted by John Millington on 17-Apr-2000 22:00 GMT
Nothing wrong with Amiga-related ads. But if it starts showing me general
and untargeted ads for Brittney Spears CDs, then I'll filter them out.
Update : Comment 6 of 15ANN.lu
Posted by Trizt on 17-Apr-2000 22:00 GMT
Not that the small banners bother me, I could even think of pay a little for
"membership" even if I would see an advertisment or two, as long as I can pay
Why not add a page where people can contribute with little money from their VISA
cards, so that you can decide how much advertisments you need to show to get
this page online.
Update : Comment 7 of 15ANN.lu
Posted by Lee on 17-Apr-2000 22:00 GMT
The ads do not bother me either. Plus, if anyone doesn't
want to see them they can browse without loading them. :/
Update : Comment 8 of 15ANN.lu
Posted by Russell Yost on 17-Apr-2000 22:00 GMT
I don't mind the ads and would rather not pay for this service; I don't see how it would "pay off", allowing me to earn more money.
Update : Comment 9 of 15ANN.lu
Posted by Marek Pampuch on 17-Apr-2000 22:00 GMT
The simplest way to get an answer "how many of us" is the poll :)
Update : Comment 10 of 15ANN.lu
Posted by SirRUSH on 17-Apr-2000 22:00 GMT
I already filter out ads (ignore). Gateway's were just annoying, but I was ignoring them just the same. I agree with an already commented suggestion, why not have a place were you can DONATE money via credit card?
Update : Comment 11 of 15ANN.lu
Posted by Colin Wilson on 17-Apr-2000 22:00 GMT
I`m sure one of the reasons Christian won`t be in a position to accept credit card payments is one of the initial costs - it costs about 1000 minimum for the initial setup costs, and then there is all the associated security aspects that would need keeping track of.
If an outside company handled the payments, they would probably want an initial fee for setup, plus a percentage of all payments they handle.
Christian - here`s an idea - what about if you were able to combine a couple of these ideas :
* a donation facility
* a T-shirt, proclaiming the benefits of ANN
* mouse mats
* mugs
Maybe you could run another poll on who would be interested this sort of merchandise, even though it`s at a tangent to the initial raison d`etre for ANN ?
There is a company local to me who prints up speciality mugs - I could make some enquiries if you like...
Update : Comment 12 of 15ANN.lu
Posted by Thomas Hurst on 18-Apr-2000 22:00 GMT
Why not store user prefs in a cookie rather than having the user
bookmark a long URL? Too hard to do in Perl? :)
Sure, there are users who will bitch about them and their privacy...
tough luck to them, if they don't have a clue what cookies do that's
their problem; it's no more invasive than the query string it would
replace and would allow some nifty features...
Users paranoid about cookies should have a look at what most of them
actually contain :)
Update : Comment 13 of 15ANN.lu
Posted by papasmurf.org on 18-Apr-2000 22:00 GMT
You spend a lot of time and money on this site.
I think you are under-using your available ad space.
I think at least an ad on the top and bottom of every page is appropriate.
Do not sell yourself short - unless you are independently wealthy....
Update : Comment 14 of 15ANN.lu
Posted by Sean Clarke on 18-Apr-2000 22:00 GMT
I don't mind the ad banners, in fact they may sometimes point me to things I'm not aware of, which is especialy useful in the Amiga universe.
That said I also don't mind paying a small fee even if the ads stayed.
Update : Comment 15 of 15ANN.lu
Posted by Bolton Peck on 18-Apr-2000 22:00 GMT
I for one would be happy to pay a small fee every year for this site.
I paid $20 every year to CUCUG for the privelidge of using their site
(not officially, but that's how I looked at it, since thats really one
of the biggest perks I got from them, until they sold out to WINbloze)
so it wouldn't bother me to pay for this one. Its a quality site and
deserves to be supported. I don't know how hard it is to get a credit
card where you are, but in the states it only costs about $300 to get
a merchant account and the associated hardware, maybe a bit more
depending on which service you use, but its not too bad when you
consider how easy it is for impulse buys to happen when your site
takes plastic. Ads or no, if this site decides to accept donations,
I'll pony up.
Bolton Peck
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