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[News] Brian King retires as WinUAE maintainerANN.lu
Posted on 26-May-2000 20:44 GMT by Christian Kemp11 comments
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In a message left on the UAE discussion board, current WinUAE maintainer Brian King says that the next release of WinUAE will be his last. He will continue to maintain the Picasso96 side of WinUAE only.
Posted by Brian King on May 24, 2000 at 22:08:23:

I'm still working on 0.8.12 betas (for my private beta testers), and have included some cool new features (like DirectInput/USB joystick support, GUI localization to German and other languages, more help-file translations, etc.). I do plan on releasing WinUAE to everyone sometime before August.

However, after 0.8.12, I'll only be working on Picasso96 and MIDI-input specific features of WinUAE, and will no longer maintain the port.

Its fairly obvious that I don't have the time to update WinUAE on a regular enough schedule... perhaps Toni or someone else will be able to pick up the challenge, and deliver AGA support and increased speed in future versions.

Take care, and so long.

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Posted by m0ns00n on 25-May-2000 22:00 GMT
Hopefully, the development of WinUAE won't stop here. Lunadesign, for one, will continue to push development of UAE compatible sofware in the future and some other great developers will hopefully continue the emulator for more speed and compatability with Amiga software. If I could, and I really wish!, I would learn C and start progging on the project right away! ;o)
The main things missing from the UAE "platform" is, IMO, a port through which the Amiga developer can access the "host" CPU, like the Pentium CPU for Windows systems, so that datatypes and libraries/devices could run very fast indeed. The Workbench side of the emulator is almost perfect, IMO, and more "native" code would be great! Please, make an x86/PPC compiler that can utilize the host CPU through UAE! ;o)
Well, I look forward to seeing the next version of UAE then, and please, coders of the mighty C, take this news as an invitation to prog on the emulator so that people on other platforms may see how great the Amiga really is!
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Posted by Roj on 26-May-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (Lightning):
Just for those that may not grasp the rationale of emulating an Amiga on an Amiga, it's quite handy for not only running older games and applications that refuse to multitask, but running them in a window on the Workbench. With faster G3 accelerators, it would also be possible to multitask previously non-multitasking games and applications.
In other words, can we have it yesterday?
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Posted by DrPsycho on 26-May-2000 22:00 GMT
WinUAE is a project that can burn in hell for all I care. I've debated it ad nauseaum,
and in the end it seems many of my Amiga colleagues agree that UAE - in allowing people
to emulate Amigas on cheap PC hardware - has detracted from the proliferation of
Amiga hardware.
I don't think UAE alone is responsible for the current state of the market
or anything as radical as that. Nor do I denegrate anyone who plays around with UAE.
I just wish more people were plugging away on real Amiga hardware.
Speaking of which, I'd *KILL* to see a smidge of support from Amiga Inc. for
the classic line. They're gonna kill off their existing userbase if new life
isn't injected into things any time soon. But that's another ramble...
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Posted by Don Cox on 26-May-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (m0ns00n):
What is the state of AGA support in UAE? I was under the impression
that it had been done.
Can you do an 8-bit display, for instance in DPaint?
How about Ham-8?
Brian King retires as WinUAE maintainer : Comment 3 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by Lightning on 26-May-2000 22:00 GMT
on a related topic, it would be nice to have an up-to-date version of UAE for the amiga ppc also, one that ran under WarpOS too...
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Posted by AmigaLord on 27-May-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (DrPsycho):
I have to say i agree with you. I've seen many people say things like "I was thinking of getting a new Amiga, but then i started using WinUAE and now i don't care" or "When my current Amiga breaks down, WinUAE will be my next Amiga"
Many people are actually quite content with WinUAE. (I certainly am not, it is way to slow on CPU emulation, a Pentium III-500 will give you roughly a CPU emulation speed equivalent to a 40 MHz 030, which is infinitecimal compared to the speed of my 060/66+603e/240 MHz Amiga system.
Then UAE users will reprocicate with comments like "When the new Amigas come out, software emulation will be the only way to ensure Classic Amiga compatibility." Well, Ok, but you said yourselves, you're not going to buy any new Amiga hardware, but keep using your Wintel machines with WinUAE, so any points you're trying to make are invalid anyway. Well I say when my current Amiga starts to fail, I'll buy a new one, to fully support Amiga Inc. That's my two cents....
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Posted by Mark Olsen on 27-May-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (Lightning):
Brian King retires as WinUAE maintainer : Comment 7 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by MAS on 27-May-2000 22:00 GMT
WinUAE and Amiga Forever on X86 has gotten far more attention than a version
for a PowerMac (or the iMac for that matter). Since I own no Wintel hardware,
I'm fairly indifferent to WinUAE developments. I wish something like Amiga
Forever for PowerMac existed. I tried a version of UAE for PowerMac a couple
of years ago, and it just looked to me like it will never get the amount of
support or development that has been given to WinUAE. Since I have no plans
to buy any X86 hardware, I'm not going to lose any sleep over what happens
to WinUAE (just wanted to express an alternate opinion here, but I am well
aware that I'm very much in the minority on this). Just for the record, I
use an unsupported (by Apple, anyway) G3 upgraded Mac clone (in addition to
my "classic" A2000 and A1200).
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Posted by m0ns00n on 28-May-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 8 (AmigaLord):
Well, IMO, Amiga hardware is too expensive to support! I won't take up a loan just to secure a tower/cpu upgrade for my a1200 i recently bought (it would cost me about 700!). I will have to wait till I have the money. WinUAE is a nice buffer "computer". My a4k is broken, because it is too old. If Amiga inc released a new Amiga "Classic" machine, I would buy it, if they could sell it at competetive prices and provide soft/hard support.
WinUAE is great for those who want to explore the Amiga and use Amiga software when their Amiga is either broken or unaccessable - like when a guy is at holyday and has the PC latpot with him. I use WinUAE because my a4k is broken. I use it for everything from e-mail and web-browsing to html designing.
WinUAE can't replace the real Amiga, but it is nice that it is available! It makes working with PC{}Amiga networking nice too ;o)
Brian King retires as WinUAE maintainer : Comment 10 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by Jaeson Koszarsky on 28-May-2000 22:00 GMT
Some say WinUAE may be bad for the current Amiga market.
But it may be benefit in spreading enough curiosity about
the next generation AmigaOS. If people are interested
enough to use UAE then surely they'll also show a similar
interest with a new OS. So there may be some benefit to it.
Brian King retires as WinUAE maintainer : Comment 11 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 30-May-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 8 (AmigaLord):
Yes. One thing you have to remember is that a lot of what makes WinUAE impressive is the presence of PC native code, Picasso drivers, TCP stack; In other words if Workbench "feels" fast under WinUAE it's because the application is writing to the PC hardware via the Windows drivers (ie. no emulation). It's been said already, but the bits which are emulated, AGA, processor, etc. are terrible in comparison to even a modest Amiga.
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