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[Motd] Upcoming changesANN.lu
Posted on 13-Jul-2000 10:40 GMT by Christian Kemp26 comments
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ANN will go through some massive changes over the next few weeks. I'll be changing the visual style a bit, modify the site structure and news presentation, and search for moderators and contributors. In the current situation, with all the problems I've been facing, I could either close down ANN or reconsider everything and aim for something higher, better. I've decided to try the later.
Upcoming changes : Comment 1 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by Steve Dowe on 12-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
Your faith in continuing the ANN project is the greatest news of all.
Thank you.
Upcoming changes : Comment 2 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by David Cox on 12-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
Great News, I wish you great luck!
I don't mind if ANN becomes a more general (in an effort to attract more advertisers), so long as there is still strong Amiga news reported.
What we need ATM is a multi-platform tech-news site which *also* showcases Amiga stuff. Such a site could act like a bridge between the Amiga "ghetto" and the wide world beyond.
Who knows, once the AmiVerse has regenerated our little part of the computing world, the traffic may be using your bridge to visit AmigaLand!
Upcoming changes : Comment 3 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by John Block on 12-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
As others have also mentioned, if the problem is financial, and you put up a link to something like http://www.itrustyou.com with a suggested contribution many would respond.
Upcoming changes : Comment 4 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by nOM^ on 12-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
yeah, good decision !!
wanne buy some sheep ?
Dalnet #AmIRC
Upcoming changes : Comment 5 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by Don Cox on 12-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (Steve Dowe):
It would be great to see ANN develop into something even better.
Upcoming changes : Comment 6 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by Kjartan Michalsen on 12-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
I hope you keep up the good work !
Upcoming changes : Comment 7 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by Chucky on 12-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
Yeah, keep up the good work! :)...
Upcoming changes : Comment 8 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by lightning on 12-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
this is the best thing i've heard in a long time - long may ANN keep running :D
Upcoming changes : Comment 9 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by Ben on 12-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
Hurrah! Hopefully the moderators will take most of the day to day work off your workload! I am glad you have made this decision!
As for the finance of ANN: Have you ever looked at AllAdvantage? I was always suspicious of it until I signed up - but it is almost a guaranteed 10 a month for just using my browser on my PC - which I was doing anyway! If you had a link from you site then other PC using Amiga fans could sign up and you get some money from them getting some cash from it too! It sounds too good to be true, it works for me though!
If nobody objects here is the URL:
When you sign up you then put your link on the mainpage and everyone can use it.
There is a Mac version of the banner bar program, so emulator users could run that. I believe the top payouts are in the thousands ($) at the moment! Alot of websites seem to have it, such as the great http://www.ispreview.co.uk which is really cool.
(Sorry for the blatant plugs!)
Upcoming changes : Comment 10 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by Troels Ersking on 12-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
Well today I was a bit nervous when I opened my browser to visit ANN, I must admit i was afraid that you had decided to shut it down but you didn't....Instead you promised us (at least to aim for) something even better!
Thats great but not exactly what I had expected from a guy who sounded very tired of this ANN thing a few days ago...Anyway a nice decision and the best wishes from here...
Upcoming changes : Comment 11 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by Frank on 12-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
Hi Christian, it's great to know that you'll stick with us.
Keep up the good work. :) I still visit ANN 10 times a day :)
Upcoming changes : Comment 12 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by Kelly Samel on 12-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
Well, it's great that you are continuing the site.
However I think it is already the best news site on
the whole internet. I am sure you will have fun
trying to improve it. Try not to overcomplicate it
though, fast and simple is nice. Thanks for the
great site, it is appreciated.
Upcoming changes : Comment 13 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by Andy Knight on 12-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
Excellent news. I'm glad that you have come to this decision. At
this critical time for the Amiga, we need all the support we
can get. There seems to be a momentum building up with the Amiga
and I feel sure that this time it is going to happen. I am
optimistic that we are on the right track and that all the hard
work that is being done will finally pay off this time.
Upcoming changes : Comment 14 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by U4IA on 13-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
Glad to hear you've decided to continue!
The moderators idea is a good one, I hope that it makes things less difficult.
Please however don't put your life on hold while doing any updates you decide upon.
Good Luck!
Upcoming changes : Comment 15 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by Ken Moyer on 13-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
You have our gratitude!
Upcoming changes : Comment 16 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by John Sasso on 13-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
Bravo! May you find the needed resources quickly and painlessly.
Thank you!!
Upcoming changes : Comment 17 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by ACGregory on 13-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
Good decision. Thanks for coming back. I always open at your
site, because you always have good info...don't feel bad if you
want to walk away, especially if you have something good for your
However, thanks again for your spirited and sincere work. I
wish more people had your vision and loyalty. Best wishes.
Upcoming changes : Comment 18 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by Ian on 13-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
Good on you mate!
Upcoming changes : Comment 19 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by Alexander Fritsch on 13-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
That is really very good news! Thanks for all your effort!
Upcoming changes : Comment 20 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by AdmV0rl0n on 13-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
I usually pop in once a day. If I can help in any way pop me an e-mail.
Upcoming changes : Comment 21 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by MAS on 13-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
Because your a true Amigan, I knew you'd find some way to tough it
out. Find yourself some equally resilient moderators and you'll be
good to go. Stick to it, and you will go far!
Upcoming changes : Comment 22 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by Chris Spicer on 13-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
I'm really glad to hear than ANN will still be around. Good luck, and may
ANN prosper for a long time to come!
Upcoming changes : Comment 23 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by XDelusion on 14-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
WOOOOHooo!! :O) Sweet, thankx dude!!!
Upcoming changes : Comment 24 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by Ahmed on 14-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
I visit CNN and ANN everyday. Keep up the good work, and I really hope that you make some money out of this.
Upcoming changes : Comment 25 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by James Whelan on 14-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
Relieved and delighted to hear that you're continuing ANN. It's thanks to the never give up attitude of people like yourself that the Amiga is still around today. The very best of luck for the future.
Upcoming changes : Comment 26 of 26ANN.lu
Posted by nico on 17-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
don't give up the fight !
amiga need you !
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