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Posted on 20-Jul-2000 18:44 GMT by Christian Kemp1 comments
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Bill Borsari writes: The UGN in conjunction with Amiga Inc., AmiWest 2000 and FortWaynemusic.com is proud to announce the second official live audio broadcast from an US Amiga show: July 29th and 30th! Starting in 1998 from the Amiga International show, the UGN has provided live webcam and Internet Relay Chat (IRC) from Amiga conventions world wide. It has been our goal to enhance our informational feeds to include audio since that very first show. At AmiWest 2000, the audio feed will once again become a reality! In the past we would ask our guests to join us on the IRC network to field questions and deliver answers, but, due to the nature of IRC, efficiency was greatly reduced. To solve that dilemma, we decided to broadcast the guests voice over the internet as an Mpeg 3 (mp3) Audio stream. Furthermore, we decided on the mp3 Audio format due to popularity, and mp3 players are available for nearly every platform. For the Amiga, we will provide step by step directions at ugn.amiga.org on how to setup the StreamMp3.rx, a freely available mp3 Audio stream player, for Ibrowse, Aweb and Voyager. The minimum requirements to receive the audio stream live would be a 68030 at 50 MHz and a 28.8 modem. It is also possible to use the AudioLabs ProStationAudio software with iRec, see www.audiolabs.it for a demo version and directions.

In order to give the Amiga community voice, questions will be accepted through a webpage form on ugn.amiga.org up-until 2 days before the show, and we will moderate an IRC channel for questions during the interview. New for AmiWest we will have ICQ and AIM ability as well. The guests will be given 1 hour to answer questions and discuss important issues. Our plan involves hosting guests during day and broadcasting the banquet on Saturday night. Also, we have confirmation that Bill McEwen will be available to us during the show.

Refer to ugn.amiga.org for the broadcast times and a schedule speakers.

Audio: http://redhat.tc3net.com:8000/listen.pls
ICQ: 82051339
AIM: AmiWest
IRC: #amiwest, Servers:whiterose.us.amiganet.org, linux.tc3net.com, stay free.uk.amiganet.org, kth.se.amiganet.org

Bill Borsari
Director UGN

UGN AmiWest2000 : Comment 1 of 1ANN.lu
Posted by Coz on 19-Jul-2000 22:00 GMT
I'll be at AmiWest in Sacramento, California and I hope to meet many of you there. I'll be the OTHER big fat guy with am AmigaZone hat besides Harv Laser. 8^)
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