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[News] Amiga announces the AmigaOneANN.lu
Posted on 21-Oct-2000 14:22 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä119 comments
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Amiga have just released this press release about the AmigaOne hardware spec. Eyetech will build the first actual boxes, which are Classic Amiga/AmigaOne hybrids (both A1200 and A4000-based models will be available) and will be based on PPC. They are scheduled for a Q1 2001 release. First stand-alone AmigaOnes should ship in Q3 2001. Also, the development of the Classic AmigaOS will continue with v3.9 coming out before Christmas.
Amiga announces the AmigaOne : Comment 101 of 119ANN.lu
Posted by Stefan on 22-Oct-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 98 (fleecy):
> All I have heard is complaints about an average PC spec.
> Fact. There is no PC with the spec of the product announced.
- One AmigaDE friendly host processor (PPC, x86, Arm, SH4, MIPS)
- 64MB+ memory
- Next Generation Matrox graphics card
- Creative EMU10K1 based audio card
- 10 GB+ HD
- USB 1.0
- Firewire
- 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
- 56k modem
- Spare PCI slots for expandibility
If this is what you are refering to, then almost every single PC of today complies to the AmigaOne specs (or were you referring to the A1200/4000 "add-on" from Eyetech?).
It's not that I'm against using standard PC components. Not at all. In fact, I strongly believe that is the only way to go. But somehow I got the impression that the AmigaOne would be something that differed from the rest (in some areas at least). But when the "specs" was released, it was clear that this wasn't the case.
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Posted by Andy H on 22-Oct-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 98 (fleecy):
You obviously have me confused with an "Amigan". I'm not. I'm an Amiga User, and I have only been for the past two years. I could go back to using a PC anytime I wish but I don't because I enjoy using my current system. I don't give a stuff about Commodore, Escom or Gateway, most of whom were well before my time.
What I am worried about is the Tao software, it IS the way forward, I don't care if it is Amiga or Be or someone else who brings it to the masses. What worries me is if you flop in a big heap, it will damage Tao's credibilty as a mainstream OS. Setting back the introduction of such a revolutionary system.
You have stated all along that nothing would be announced until it is set in stone. I find that admirable, but it is just as bad, actually worse to drop little (or in some cases HUGE) hints, about major developments and "Japanese businessmen" when you either haven't anything to announce or can't for some reason.
I don't care about the AmigaOne anymore, it is about choice right? I'll let the Users make thier own choices, but I do care if they are messed about or ripped off. I'm most worried about the 3rd party support, and the available software, there is very little evidence to suggest that anyone outside the Amiga community is actually developing anything. You won't get very far with just the current amiga userbase.
I owe you nothing and you owe me nothing, but you owe it to all those that will follow you to hell and back because of your company name and to the Tao group not to stuff this up.
This will be my last posting on this matter, or it'll drag on forever. If either Fleecy or anyone else wants to discuss this further then Email me.
Amiga announces the AmigaOne : Comment 103 of 119ANN.lu
Posted by Sharpshooter on 22-Oct-2000 22:00 GMT
The important question is: Will it be able to run IK+?
Amiga announces the AmigaOne : Comment 104 of 119ANN.lu
Posted by Chris Tsaldaris on 22-Oct-2000 22:00 GMT
As you may understood the amiga comunity has split again
A) to those who believe that AmigaOne Is a PC with A *NEW* OS
and has nothing common with current amigas (me here)
B) TO those who Believe That AMigaONE is the only way forward
So in the future these two news (OS3.9 , Amiga1) should be
anounced separetly
Amiga announces the AmigaOne : Comment 105 of 119ANN.lu
Posted by Chris Tsaldaris on 22-Oct-2000 22:00 GMT
Still Anyone knows anything more aout OS3.9
what happened to 3.6 ,3.7, 3.8 ???
about the PPC will have anything running on PPC
have WarpOS and OS3.9 became the same project ???
news infos pictures snapshots .....
Amiga announces the AmigaOne : Comment 106 of 119ANN.lu
Posted by Trizt on 22-Oct-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 99 (fleecy):
Now when Eyetech will be the first one to make AmigaOne, maybe we can ask you fleecy, did you ever talk with any of the big motherboard builders like ASUS if they would be intrested of making a POP motherboard to use as a possible AmigaOne? (A yes or no is enough, you don't have to say any names).
I can say that I'm more or less willing to drop the backward compability to get a really good solution (there is still AUE to use as emulator), as I don't want to go out and hunt a cheap motherboard if something breaks on my A1200 motherboard to be able to use my "hot" AmigaOne.
Amiga announces the AmigaOne : Comment 107 of 119ANN.lu
Posted by Karajorma on 22-Oct-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 105 (Chris Tsaldaris):
I think they chose 3.9 to show that it`s the last revision of OS3.x. While 4.0 will be something completely different (unlike the 3.5 upgrade).
Amiga announces the AmigaOne : Comment 108 of 119ANN.lu
Posted by Sjoerd on 22-Oct-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 107 (Karajorma):
And OS3.9 is without new kickstart3.9 just 3.1 That is what is told by Haage & Partner. And who is financing 3.9? Now that Amiga Inc. just blocked out Petro.
Does Amiga Inc have the money????
Amiga announces the AmigaOne : Comment 109 of 119ANN.lu
Posted by victor # on 22-Oct-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 101 (Stefan):
>It's not that I'm against using standard PC components. Not at all.
>In fact, I strongly believe that is the only way to go. But somehow
>I got the impression that the AmigaOne would be something that
>differed from the rest (in some areas at least). But when the
>"specs" was released, it was clear that this wasn't the case.
It's wrong. You expect it's different (better) in terms of used standard components. How could they use better than ones of the bests? But, you *can* belive that it differs from the rest, because the new motherboards won't be standard PC mobo's, and so will not suffer from whose limits. IIUC.
Amiga announces the AmigaOne : Comment 110 of 119ANN.lu
Posted by S. Hakim Hamdani on 22-Oct-2000 22:00 GMT
I have to say that I cherish the thought of seeing the new Amiga system
since I have been using Amiga for 10+ years now.
However, I want to say that there IS a demand for 4000T add-on boards,
since WE ARE THE GUYS that SPEND $$$$ on our systems. I encourage everyone to
send emails to Eyetech as I have done already requesting support for the Towers.
I personally own a very large tower (Eagle 4000TE) which has more than nuff space
for add-ons if designed in the right fashion. (The board is original 4000T).
That's all we can do at the moment, SEND EMAILS TO EYETECH.
Keep it alive...
Amiga announces the AmigaOne : Comment 111 of 119ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 22-Oct-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 99 (fleecy):
Yes Fleecy I did read the PR release several times. It took that
many times because of disbelief. Btw...I have written Exbox and
expressed my oppions on the A3000T's and the A4000T's being
left out, and I'm telling you they have cut their market in
half perhaps more in the US and probably Canada as well.
From what I read in the release is they are making these
cards for the A1200 and the A4000 only, and those are not
even for orginal machines as they have to be ripped out of their
original cases and put in a tower??? Who makes the towers???
They say they want to help the owners of the classic Amiga
extend their investment, however A1200 owners and A4000 owners
are going to have to buy the "tower" if they don't already have
such a borg machine.
Now, if you wonder why I'm moaning here...isn't this a comment
chatboard? That is what this thing is for. I have expressed my
oppions and I stand by them. I'm not trying to bash you, Amiga,
Inc., or Elbox. I have just expressed my oppion that with their
solution they have cut out all original big box Amigas completely
off. I have found that people with the A3000T and A4000T will
spend alot more money on these generally than others, but we
will not have a solution. That does not sit well with me.
As stated before in my own area I know about 40 Amiga users
and again I state that not one of them even own an A1200
and only a handful own A4000's. Most of them own A3000T's
or A4000T's. I stand by the statement that Exbox is cutting
off well over 50% of the existing Amiga user in the US and
Canada. I don't think that's a very smart move in light
of the continously shrinking existing Amiga user base.
Granted Exbox is in the UK, and where they did their research
is unknown. I'm sure many, many A1200's were sold in the UK
and some A4000's, however that does not represent the rest of
the world. Again, I say that probably most of the A1200's sold
are probably in their box under the bed or in the closet right
beside the A500's and C64s', and they are not even being used,
except for the die hards that have upgraded them.
Most users I personally know here and others I know from online
in both the US and Canada have big box Amigas. I'm expressing
my oppinion that their research is flawed and they are not
looking at the overall big picture of what is representative
of Amiga users in the US and Canada. I'm sure there are some
A1200's being used and some A4000's, but overall in the US
and Canada I think they will find that the higher percentage
of current Amiga users are on big box Amigas...A3000T's,
A4000T's, and the A3000 and the A2000, and that these users
have spent big bucks to keep these machines running and as
up to date as possible at this time.
I think the idea is a good one till the AmigaOne comes out,
but I cannot think any other way concerning the LARGE segment
of Amiga users that are left out in the cold by this solution.
Again I'm not trying to bash anyone. I'm discussing what I think
is a tragic mistake on the part of Exbox. I don't blame you,
Amiga, Inc., nor am I trying to condem anyone. The simple fact
is that I strongly believe that leaving current original big
box towers like the A3000T and the A4000T is a mistake, apparently
fueled by faulty research on the part of Exbox. Again, who is it
that makes these required tower cases for one to shove their
A1200 and A4000 guts into? Exbox???
After all this is a discussion board isn't it? This is where we
are supposed to discuss like this and bitch and moan if need be,
but that don't mean we all are not friends. I've never met an
Amiga user that was not immediately a friend. :)
My post here and my concerns are valid, and I think many would
agree. If you big box Amiga owners haven't written Exbox yet
I suggest that you do so, hopefully in droves.
Amiga announces the AmigaOne : Comment 112 of 119ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 22-Oct-2000 22:00 GMT
buddies, do you believe eyetech will give us anything valuable? I got their case, awful, waste of money, they didn't give predator as promised for
forget it, it's a good joke, really...
Amiga announces the AmigaOne : Comment 113 of 119ANN.lu
Posted by MAS on 22-Oct-2000 22:00 GMT
Got an A1200 w/HD. Will Eyetech sell their PPC AOne solution without the A1200
mobo? If it saves me some $$$, I'd like to use the one out of my existing 1200.
Anyone hear if this will be an AOne option?
Mabey this is how AInc. plans to move their current inventory of A1200's (not
a bad idea if it can all be made to work properly). Classic compatibilty by
bolting on the mobo of the real thing!
Amiga announces the AmigaOne : Comment 114 of 119ANN.lu
Posted by Kolbjørn Barmen on 23-Oct-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 54 (fleecy):
Well, since the A3000 and A4000 has the exact same CPU slot, and the only
limitation for a card to work with both, AFAIK, is that it must not be
bigger than about 4×8 inches (which should be more than enough these days,
heck Phase5 even managed to stuff 2 CPUs within that space, one of them the
rather bluky big 68060) I dont see why there should be a problem. The only
obstacle is if you intend to have PCI slots on this as well, as on tha A4000
you can replace the daughterboard with a PCI/Zorro board, while on the A3000
you cannot replace the daughterboard easily. My sollution is to stuff a PCI
bus board into the ISA slot (might even pull power from them) and then find
some smart way to get the PCI bus from the acc-card to this piggyback bus board.
(something like a very costly PCI cable f.ex)
-- kolla
Amiga announces the AmigaOne : Comment 115 of 119ANN.lu
Posted by Kolbjørn Barmen on 23-Oct-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 85 (Anonymous):
Macs (PCI based ones) have been using Open Firmware for years
and years now, iMac, iBook, Cube, Blue G3 and friends included.
-- kolla
Amiga announces the AmigaOne : Comment 116 of 119ANN.lu
Posted by XDelusion on 23-Oct-2000 22:00 GMT
I am going to contradict myself at this point, and pardon me if I happen to do it again in the future, just asume I am in a bad mood or something that day, but if EyeTech (and I WILL E-mail them) sales this Amiga One complete and all put together, minus the Amiga 1200, then I will buy one, so long as the price does not raise above 1,200, but that is only if OS 3.9 can use the PPC, and that there will no doubt be much future support for it, that at least would be no more than a Mac G4 computer, and probably better too, since you are saying it is not an add on to the 1200 and thus not limited by the 1200's bus speeds (tell me I am right here), yet somehow able to give OS 3.9 PPC access.
I think Eyetech ought to consider packaging the Units with 1200 already installed, and Amiga Inc. should consider the ability to be able to boot off the OS 3.9 partition from within a window int he new OS without, that and the lack of lost resources, stability, and compatability to boot, not to mention a conectivitiy like in Siemese so that I may cut and paste between the Classic and new OS. Then again, if the ability to just be able to click and run a classic app from within the new OS works as good as we all are hoping, then hey, do that!!!!
Anyhow I apologize for being stubborn or negative in the past, I realize Amiga has to be near broke after buying the rights to Amiga Technologies, and I think you are pulling off a very fine job, I realize it has to be a struggle to do the Mac thing without selling out to Microshaft first!! :)
Keep it up dudes, tear Mac OS X to shreads I know you are very Linux friendly so we got that down, as for Microsoft, well they were never really inovative, or mind blowing, there programmers suck, they don't care if the customer suffers, they are just blood sucking leaches, rich enough to buy good ideas, but lacking the creativity to really change the world. But that is what Amiga is all about.
Amiga announces the AmigaOne : Comment 117 of 119ANN.lu
Posted by XDelusion on 23-Oct-2000 22:00 GMT
BTW can we still expect a iFusion to run on top of this new OS 3.9? :)
Amiga announces the AmigaOne : Comment 118 of 119ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 23-Oct-2000 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 114 (Kolbjørn Barmen):
The A3000T and A4000T have an accelerator slot as well and they
will use a card larger than that.
Amiga announces the AmigaOne : Comment 119 of 119ANN.lu
Posted by Donovan Reeve on 24-Oct-2000 22:00 GMT
OK, since I'm desperate I am going to try again.
Fleecy, first of all I want to thank you for being willing to
answer some questions for us. It is very helpful and appreciated.
Someone seemed to think I was griping, which I wasn't. I guess
they didn't read my message very well. I did seem to lose you
though Fleecy, in my mile long message. Sorry about that.
I just wanted it understood that some of us actually need our
computers and when they die we can neither afford to wait a year
for a replacement nor to pay more than the cost of a new machine
of another platform to have them repaired.
I thought the Amiga DE was going to be at least somewhat hardware
independant? Or did I get the wrong idea. OK, if we can't run it
native on a PC, and we can't run it native on a Mac, what WILL
it run on? Only speciallized Amiga systems? Doesn't that defeat
the whole purpose?
Mind you, it won't bother me that much if it requires special
hardware if it is cool and reasonably priced, but I fail to see
then where the "write once, run anywhere" bit has much validity.
Or were you just refering to running it hosted? I thought that
it would run native on many types of hardware useing the processor-
specific run-modules under the DE and drivers for the other hardware?
If I'm all wet with my thinking, just say so. But was hoping that
now we Amigans could take advantage of the cheap hardware we can
buy from the local chain store or mail order. If we have to keep
buying hardware which is way more expensive than that for other platforms
the market will continue to dwindle untill we are all forced to
drop out whether we want to or not.
I need new hardware now, as mine is dying. No form of Amiga One
is ready yet, and the A4000/A1200 based units won't do me any good
as I have no viable A4000 or A1200 motherboards. I know I can host
the Amiga DE on a Linux machine, but I want to run Amiga native
when it is available that way and I cant afford to buy a Linux box
now and an Amiga One a few months later.
So, my question is... is there any intel or mac based setup which
I can currently purchase which will be able to run the Amiga DE
native when it is availailable in that format? Or is the Amiga One
the only hardware which will ever run the Amiga DE native?
Thankyou for your kind consideration,
Donovan Reeve (bubby@inebraska.com)
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