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[Files] CygnusEd Professional 4.21 PPC-MorphOS portANN.lu
Posted on 26-Oct-2000 16:01 GMT by Christian Kemp
This is the official MorphOS PPC port of CygnusEd Professional 4.21. You need a properly installed MorphOS release as well as the original CygnusED 4 CDROM to install the PowerPC port, the 68k version of the program won't be modified. After installation you can still use the 68k version of CygnusEd if you plan to install it on the same partition. The updated ed frontend automatically detects if it's run under MorphOS or AmigaOS and uses the proper CygnusEd main binary.
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ced_mos_ppc_upd.lha (211k)
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