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[News] New unofficial Mediator mailing-listANN.lu
Posted on 29-Oct-2000 23:00 GMT by Christian Kemp1 comments
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Rafo writes: Trying to subscribe to the currently existing mediator mailing list on egroups, I met many difficulties (late confirm email, and dead link in it), I created a mailing list on our Domain name (CdBS Software). No ads, just actually posted items, and easy to access. Language = English.
Subscription : Mediator-subscribe@CdBSSoftware.net unSubscription : Mediator-unsubscribe@CdBSSoftware.net That's all.

An FAQ will be made depending on what will have been asked and answered. I just hope some highly informed guys will write on it. Err, I do own a Mediator myself, so if I can help, I will.

New unofficial Mediator mailing-list : Comment 1 of 1ANN.lu
Posted by Sam Thomas on 29-Oct-2000 23:00 GMT
ermm.. the Amiga-Mediator Mailing list on egroups as set up by me? hmmm... shouldnt have been any problems joining it afaik :-/ here is the URL and other info that is required:
Post message: Amiga-Mediator@egroups.com
Subscribe: Amiga-Mediator-subscribe@egroups.com
Unsubscribe: Amiga-Mediator-unsubscribe@egroups.com
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