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[News] BoXeR is coming...ANN.lu
Posted on 07-Nov-2000 16:53 GMT by Christian Kemp22 comments
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Henrik Mikael Kristensen writes: According to Czech Amiga News, the BoXeR is finally reaching towards production stage. A demonstration for AmigActive should be possible close to Christmas and have a review ready for the first 2001 issue. Reasons for the massive delays are posted here.
BoXeR is coming... : Comment 1 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by Michael Carrillo on 06-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
Yeah, I saw this story too, talk about making me laugh!
To me it now seems a bit someone having claimed to have brad a faster horse
shortly before the petrol engine went on general sale.
As far as the Boxer goes, it has missed the boat by five years at least.
A doomed venture.
Shh, You know who..
BoXeR is coming... : Comment 2 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by Marco Ridoni on 06-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
... so is Santa Claus
Sorry, I couldn't resist :-)
BoXeR is coming... : Comment 3 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 06-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
When will we all learn?
The BoXer is a hoax, just like iWin, the difference is that the BoXer was the dream of Mick Tinker who messed up by sleeping with some thieves like Anit Gravity who took people's hard earned money and never even cared.
Such unethical practices are always seen in Anti Gravity's daily actions.
Whoever believes that the BoXer will come out finished, reasonably priced fully functioning and could be used as a computer in the year 2001 for your daily needs, needs to have his head examined.
That could've been done if it was for someone else other than Anti Gravity, but since they don't know how to count from 1 -10 the project is a waste of time.
BoXeR is coming... : Comment 4 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by nOM^ on 06-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
where did i hear this before ?
BoXeR is coming... : Comment 5 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by Chris Kmiec on 06-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
Can't we all just stop talking about the BoXER, and maybe it will go away? There is REAL stuff on the market now that we should be supporting, not some Iwin, BoXER, etc.
BoXeR is coming... : Comment 6 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by sutro on 06-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
The Boxer is back !!!
It is amazing how much time has it passed and the myth is still alive.It has even surpassed OpalVision Roaster as the single most high-demanded/long-awaited/state-of-the-art/never-delivered product for amiga (FusionPPC is another candidate).
Maybe it will come out after all. Otherwise this persistance would not be justified. Boxer looks fine even for today's standards. The problem is that:
1) it is overpriced
2) by the time it will come out (if ever) AmigaOne in an ATX form will be available
3) it is doubtful if it can be produced in large quantities
4) it is supported by companies that do not respect their customers
BoXeR is coming... : Comment 7 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by Wile Bill on 07-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
Even weirder: Some guy is trying to sell the domain name "boxercomputers.com" on eBay for $500.
Wonder which one we'll see first?
BoXeR is coming... : Comment 8 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by Ralph on 07-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
The only thing this device has in common with the original BoXeR design is the name.
Reading the reasons for the delay it gets clear, that it is now a computer for running
the upcoming AmigaDE on it ("... using custom logic, PCI, SDRAM, PPC support, USB
etc." - Consequently they call it the BoXeR 2). Nothing to do with Classic Amiga IMHO.
So finally we start to again have competition in the Amiga market. The BoXeR2 vs. the
Eyetech Amiga 1200/4000 DE vs. bplan vs. ....... :)
BoXeR is coming... : Comment 9 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by DanDude on 07-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
I'll believe it when I see it. I wonder if it would be on display at the
World of Amiga show next month?
BoXeR is coming... : Comment 10 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by Frederik Yssing on 07-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 8 (Ralph):
I would have to agree on this, the boxer looks like a computer taht can run AMiGA DE, and isn't it ATX format :-)
I think the boxer(2?) is great, and if it can run both de and classic, I would say it is a better solution, as a "midway (what is the word??) computer" to let user go from classic to DE, or even just DE, with all the HW spec it has, they are what is expected from AMiGA.
Or did AMiGA do those specs on the boxer on not vice versa ??
BoXeR is coming... : Comment 11 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 07-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
AHAHAHAHA! Yeah, I will buy an 68k computer that will (not?) come out at the end of the year 2000! HAHAHA... (the Boxer was a great idea 5 years ago, but now??) Besides there have been so many "Now-it-is-really-coming-out-believe-me"-news items over the past several years, and everytime they had good reasons why they were late...
BoXeR is coming... : Comment 12 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by victor # on 07-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 11 (Anonymous):
People blaming news sites presenting unresearched articles about Amiga just in the other thread... And, you do the same! So, the Boxer will be available even without a 68K. (Its bus is adapted rather to the PPC.) So do your homework. Besides, the Boxer very probably isn't against AInc. Indeed, maybe going to be another partner, for Amiga's strength. (At least I hope.)
BoXeR is coming... : Comment 13 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 08-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 12 (victor #):
You need to check your own facts before you accuse others!
Have a look at
http://www.blittersoft.com/cgi-bin/2/webc.cgi/~bsoft/Specification.html?sid=9XNHV601kJxRDU5 which lists the specs of the Boxer.
It clearly states 68040 or 68060.
Yes, there is a slot for a PPC EXPANSION card (yet to be defined), but the
Boxer is 680x0 based.
Well, I say "is" - obviously that implies it is real. What I *should* say
is that the Boxer is claimed to be 680x0 vased, if it ever actually finally
gets released.
Even IF they finally get their act together and release it, it is still too little, too late for too much money.
OTOH, would YOU trust anything Blittersoft claim? They claimed they would be shipping me FusionPPC within 60 days of me paying pre-order, and that was more like 60 WEEKS ago and counting...
BoXeR is coming... : Comment 14 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by MAS on 08-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 6 (sutro):
I saw a prototype of the Opalvision system working at the Opalvision
booth at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las
Vegas in '94. The Video Processor board & Roaster chip were quite
real and actually working - albeit in prototype form - in 1994.
This has nothing to do with the BoXer ever seeing the light of day,
but seemed worth mentioning.
BoXeR is coming... : Comment 15 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by Andrea on 08-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 13 (Anonymous):
Well, the specs at Blittersoft site are a bit outdated (which isn't absolutely a good point...). They claim the BoXeR will be PPC ONLY, with OPTIONAL 68060. No support for 68040 anymore, because it would have been expensive to provide the needed 5V supply (the PPC and 68060 needs 3.3V).
At least this is what they said in the BoXeR mailing list in the past few months. It doesn't implicate that the BoXeR will ever see the light of the day, though.
BoXeR is coming... : Comment 16 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by Frederik Yssing on 08-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
The Boxer will be PPC (only ?)
I hope they will partner with AMiGA Inc, thus it will be a good idea to buy a BoXeR.
And btw. the ppc is no where near as expensive as the 68060 cpu.
BoXeR is coming... : Comment 17 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by Olivier Fabre on 08-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 13 (Anonymous):
Yes this is what is written in the specs page, but if you look at the "Dev notes" you'll see more up-to-date info :
BoXeR is coming... : Comment 18 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by DanDude on 08-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
No ZorroII add-on board, it must be ZorroIII no matter what. And for PPC
option, they need to get their butts in gear to get that G4 option as a standard,
even if it has to be an add-on itself.
BoXeR is coming... : Comment 19 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by victor # on 08-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 13 (Anonymous):
>You need to check your own facts before you accuse others!
>Have a look at
>http://www.blittersoft.com/cgi->bin/2/webc.cgi/~bsoft/Specification.html?sid=9XNHV601kJxRDU5 which lists the
>specs of the Boxer.
Don't you think I have my facts checked before posting here? (Contrary to you, I've looked after the design behind, not just the empty specs.)
>Yes, there is a slot for a PPC EXPANSION card (yet to be defined), but the
>Boxer is 680x0 based.
They nowhere stated it's 68K *based*. No matter the PPC sits on an "expansion" card, the clever bus is ready to work very well with it.
>Even IF they finally get their act together and release it, it is still too
>little, too late for too much money.
And so you would think the same about the POP boards (somewhat similar tech.)?
>OTOH, would YOU trust anything Blittersoft claim? They claimed they would be
>shipping me FusionPPC within 60 days of me paying pre-order, and that was more
>like 60 WEEKS ago and counting...
They invested much more money in the Boxer... And more closely related to it, I think.
BoXeR is coming... : Comment 20 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by anyomus on 08-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
Lets all be honest! Why would i even be bothered wasting my hard earned cash on a board that has no future!.
look at the facts:-
1.WHEN RELEASED - 68k(waste of time)
2.How much to you think it will cost to buy - anything over 150 is madness.
3.Support - what support, we'll all be haggling over the new AmigaDe OS(which means a standard Pc which we all have anyway).
4.I've lost complete faith in blittersoft and anything they represent.
No one likes to wait - but for all are sakes WAIT.
BoXeR is coming... : Comment 21 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by Rick Riebs on 08-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
The hell with the Boxer, what the frock happened to Anti Gravity Products? Sure the website's up and e-mails don't bounce (yet!), but NONE of the phone lines get picked up as of October 27th and I've yet to get a reply from them via e-mail. I long ago gave up faith on the Boxer ever coming to fruition, but them boys still have nearly 3000 of my hard-earned, courtesy their "pre-order" program back in May of LAST year. I've hung in with them this long ONLY because I've been in regular contact with them since I requested a refund on my pre-order in February, but now, I don't know what the frell's going on! The only things I know for sure are that their web hosting and phone bills are paid, but for how much longer who knows? If anyone can help me out with getting hold of these folks, e-mail me ASAP! I'd deeply appreciate it!
P. S.: Don't bother telling me what a flaming moron I was to lay out that much cash without a shipping product. I know this MUCH better than anyone else could EVER communicate it to me. I'm just trying to prevent this from moving from a learning experience to a VERY painful $3000 learning experience, so please help if you can. If you can't help, at least back off on the mocking. With me in charge as Head Mocker, you're out of your league.
BoXeR is coming... : Comment 22 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by Shawn on 11-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 6 (sutro):
We cant have bus arch it sucks .
For you who don't understand that the BOXER is DAA or the new arch designed by motorola.
This design is what the basic AMIGA is based on and is faster then the AMIGAONE.
ATX is a mistake and it is a pc motherboard-source Dean Brown. This isn't an AMIGA by any standard .
I wrote Bill and he responded and did not recant that it really is a mac clone.
If you want a great computer go Boxer. Stay with the orginal AMIGA its better then the mac clone that is being built now.
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