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[News] New Executive UpdateANN.lu
Posted on 25-Nov-2000 13:35 GMT by Christian Kemp64 comments
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Bill McEwen has posted a new Executive Update, where he hints that there might be a strong possibility of an AmigaOS 4.0, if sales of 3.9 are good enough, and announces that there will be more details and announcements at the Amiga World show in Cologne next month.
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Posted by StormLord on 26-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 34 (Rich):
In addition, AMD and Intel are in a fierce competition to bring
out faster chips. x86 wins,
As I see you have no idea of what is going on intels teritory..
do you know that intel own MANY shares of AMD ?
I don't remember the exact percentage but I remember 2 numbers.
40% and 70%.
If the second is the right one then AMD IS INTEL with other name.
If it's the first nothing is changing the facts that if amd is going to deliver something faster than THEIR agreement with Intel , Intel will SELL all the shares of AMD and AMD will go for sleep to eternity.
So as you see NO COMPETITION anymore.. especially without Strong competitors anymore like Cyrix.
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Posted by Paolo "Mod3m" D'Urso on 26-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 37 (Anonymous):
I agree. AmigaOS3.9 seems to be a nice upgrade of the OS, but I'd like to see a new kickstart (i HATE doing the 2 reboots before accessing to the wb), and maybe more upgrades since the not-publicly-released BoingBag2 (which should have been released, as respect of AmigaOS3.5 owners).
For example, I'd really have liked small stuff like BorderBlank enabled (for AGA users), proportional windowgadgets fixed in screens 1:1, etc. Ok, MCP does all of this, but have these features implemented directly in the OS would be cool, eh? ;)
New Executive Update : Comment 53 of 64ANN.lu
Posted by Frederik Yssing on 26-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
I will buy it any way..
New Executive Update : Comment 54 of 64ANN.lu
Posted by Remco Komduur on 26-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 52 (Paolo "Mod3m" D'Urso):
You should use Blizkick from Harry Sintonen. Maps the kickstart in fastmem, kills the ppc.library, patches kickstart and ads OS 3.5 ROM upgrade in one extremely fast reboot.
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Posted by Anonymous on 26-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
Well I wouldn't mind supporting the amiga, but I was rather disapointed with OS3.5 when I did purchase it. Some questions which I would like answers for are;
1) What bug fixes are there compared to the long list of bugs in OS3.5 and the ones mentioned in OS3.5 mailing list?
2) Re-action is rather slow, there is no mention to optimization or inclusion of a newer version?
3) I already have 2x copies of genesis, 1 that came with my ariadneII and another with Netconnect 3, both are very buggy espically with cable, seem to crash often, is there a bug fixed version of genesis?
4) AWeb3.4SE, is there any bug fixes?, Voyager sucks, Ibrowse 2.x sucks, aweb3.x sucks, all crash now and again, I have to run 3 different browsers for 3 different sites that dont work on either one or the other, this is kinda insane???, ibrowse 1.22 is probably still the most stable browser.
5) Moovid, wow??, what is diff between this and CyberQT and CyberAVI from aminet?
I want an actual list of "BUG FIXES", "ENHANCEMENTS",etc IN DETAIL!!! if I wanted shareware bundled I would of downloaded items from aminet.
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Posted by Mousky on 26-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 32 (Remco Komduur):
Let's get one thing straight here, both OS3.5 and OS3.9 are not "new" versions of an OS. They are upgrades to an existing OS (and I am not counting the ever-growing number of third-party software in each release). A new OS would be redesigned from the ground up, with new routines, new support, new libraries, and so on.
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Posted by Mousky on 26-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 12 (Kay Are Ulvestad):
>As for OS3.9 being an Aminet collection, get real. It is true that some of the new
>features can be added by shareware and freeware available on Aminet. But, certainly,
>isn't it better to have these features properly integrated into the OS, implemented
>in a way that is entirely system legal, and officially supported?
The problem with your statement is that very little third-party software has been actually integrated into the OS. Including third-party software on the OS3.9 CD does not imply that it has been "properly integrated into the OS". I can only think of NewIcons and ClassAct as third-party software that has been integrated into the OS. Miami/Genesis are NOT an integrated TCP/IP stack, they are a third-party TCP/IP stack INCLUDED in the OS distribution. The same goes for ACTION aka MooVid, Shell aka VincEd, and so on.
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Posted by Olivier Fabre on 26-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 55 (Anonymous):
Yes, there will be bug fixes in AWeb 3.4.
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Posted by Kay Are Ulvestad on 26-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 57 (Mousky):
What I meant was that some of the *features* provided by Aminet
patches and programs, were better to properly integrate into the OS.
Examples of such features implemented in OS3.9 (cut'n'paste from
H&P's website):
*New shell
*Automatic datatype recognition
*Integrated unpacker (lha, lzx, dms, zip...)
*Fast search (search for and in files)
*New picture datatype (PPC-optimized)
*Many new Tools(ASLPrefs, new Info requester, new watch, font cache,
new color wheel, etc.
I am aware that some of the inclusions on the OS3.9 CD will be
programs originating from sharware, and I never thought that including
them unchanged would automatically make them "integrated into the OS".
But their existence on the OS3.9 CD doesn't make OS3.9 an "Aminet
collection" either.
New Executive Update : Comment 60 of 64ANN.lu
Posted by Paolo "Mod3m" D'Urso on 27-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 59 (Kay Are Ulvestad):
Yes, let's hope they're implemented in the AmigaOS, and not just pd/shareware tools with names changed.
From the screenshots available, it seems that the fastsearch tools is using ReAction, so it *should* have been coded expecially for AOS3.9, while Action is just Moovid renamed (but this's not important if it's implemented directly in the OS or just put in the "contrib" drawed in the OS3.9 cd).
What I'd really like to see directly available in the AmigaOS is the new Shell, the new Info requester (if they used RaWBInfo, let's hope they aked for the source code and replaced it in the OS source!)
Now, we just have to wait until 9 December and buy it.. :)
New Executive Update : Comment 61 of 64ANN.lu
Posted by richie on 29-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 52 (Paolo "Mod3m" D'Urso):
why do you need to do 2 reboots before accessing the web?
New Executive Update : Comment 62 of 64ANN.lu
Posted by Remco Komduur on 29-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 56 (Mousky):
Yeah, right. There is absolutely no OS that is rebuilt from the ground. Not Windows and not Linux either. All new OS releases are based on better speed, performance, bug fixes and new features.
OS'es are only rebuilt if absolutely nescessary like switching from one processor to another and even then many parts are the same.
New Executive Update : Comment 63 of 64ANN.lu
Posted by Mark on 29-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
OS3.9OS3.5 + BoingBag2 + Aminet-Shareware -> no new Kickstarts for Bugfixes
it installs off the shell at KS3.1 with no WB installed on HDD
Sales of 3.5 < 20.000 x 50? USD1.000.000 USD - how can you develop an almost
new OS with those peanuts AND for whom?
BTW who developes 3.5/3.9 -> HaagePartner with NO SOURCECODE of KS/WB3.1 !!
NOT AMIGA - they are developing a useless PC OS beside Kingdom Mic*osoft.
Buy 3.9 to get sometime 4.0 for PPCnative?
How many PPC where sold by P5/DCE? 3000? how many could use it? 3000?
no Hardware -> no Software BUT also no Software -> no Hardware
Someone (Elbox!) invented first PCI to get lowcost PPC-PCI Accelerator - DCE, Cybergraphx, Eyetech tried to pull their Invention off the market.
PPC by Motorola for Computers: sure, my LaserPrinter uses it for PrintComputing!
Intels owns AMD: sure, and SAP(Germany) owns Mic*osoft!
Amiga firms KILL each other, AmigaInc develops no Classic OS, Amigans are interested to use their Amiga as lowcost DVD-Movie-Player ...
... AMIGA where have you gone ???
New Executive Update : Comment 64 of 64ANN.lu
Posted by ... on 03-Dec-2000 23:00 GMT
Too long thread, no time to read it through, but anyway, my 2 cents:
On the Classic Amiga we are stuck with PPC and G3/G4 500Mhz delivers the CPU power for all modern computation needs. That is until Classic apps can be run on top of AmigaDE in Y2k+2, perhaps...
It is great that AmigaDE will be CPU independent. We will then be able to use low-cost but equally powerful AMD x86 chips, if we want to.
We can even upgrade AmigaONE1200 & PPC with another CPU card with x86 chip and get immediate performance boost (for AmigaDE apps), without recompilation.
About the P4: with AmigaDE's VP translator it might be possible to optimize the FPU code to take advantage of SSE2 instructions without recompilation.
But we'll have to wait and see.
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