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[News] Pagan Games release update for Earth 2140ANN.lu
Posted on 22-Jan-2001 20:42 GMT by Christian Kemp1 comments
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Pagan Games write: Owners of Mediator boards with Voodoo 3 boards and owners of Ateo's Pixel64 will now be able to play the biggest real time strategy game on Amiga. Read more to see download links. The P96 drivers supplied by Elbox for Voodoo 3 cards do not allow big-endian modes which causes the optimized routines for Earth 2140 not to run. This will allow Mediator Voodoo 3 (and the few other little-endian gfx cards out there) to run the game albeit at a lesser speed than cards with proper drivers. Please note that the G-Rex Voodoo 3 cards are not affected with this problem. You should only get this update if you have had problems with running the game. You can download the update here from the e.p.i.c. Interactive homepage.
Pagan Games release update for Earth 2140 : Comment 1 of 1ANN.lu
Posted by Michael Taylor on 23-Jan-2001 23:00 GMT
This game is HOT!!! Works pretty well (demo) under WarpOS! Check it out!!
I haven't tried the 68040/060 version yet, but the PowerPC ROCKS!!
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