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[News] TBOTAS released as free on mp3.comANN.lu
Posted on 23-Jan-2001 20:50 GMT by Christian Kemp
ORGASMATRON! / X-TRADE writes: The SCENE CD: The Best Of The Amiga Scene is now free to download from mp3.com/tbotas

The Best Of The Amiga Scene
5 years ago Me and 2 friends of me decided to make an Audio CD containing the BEST Amiga songs made ever.

The CD sold quite well. Now we only have 2 pcs left of it. Even if there still is a slight demand for this CD I reconned the price for making new ones is far too high. So, last week I decided to make MP3's out of this CD and put it on the net. Not all the songs are available yet, but I'm uploading them as fast as I can. The songs are free, and you may of course download them and enjoy them.
Visit: http://www.mp3.com/tbotas to download it.

IF the response is good, I will remaster the songs directly to MP3 to gain soundquality.
IF the response is even better, well a TBOTAS #2 may be under it's way :)

Original announcement at AMINET 1995
Hope you will enjoy this one!

/Fredrik, aka: ORG* of X-TRADE ^ BoB
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