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[News] Amiga2001 - An Amiga Odyssey - Friday March 30 through Sunday April 1, 2001ANN.lu
Posted on 25-Jan-2001 19:36 GMT by Christian Kemp4 comments
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Bob Scharp posted the latest News on the Largest Amiga Show in the US, Amiga2001, taking place from March 30th to April 1st in St. Louis, MO. Read (much) more below.
Amiga2001 - An Amiga Odyssey - Friday March 30 through Sunday April 1, 2001 Sheraton at West Port-Chalet, St. Louis, MO. USA

Here are the latest highlights of the US’s largest Amiga show.

Cloanto is coming! They’ve never appeared at the Amiga show here before – making this a first! They will be exhibiting their latest release of Amiga Forever: The Amiga emulator for Windows and Macintosh. This cool piece of software allows you to actually run most Amiga software titles on Windows or Macintosh computers.

Our friends at individual computers will be coming over from Europe and will exhibiting and selling their unique lines of expansion hardware for the Amiga.

Eric Schwartz, highly regarded Amiga artist and luminary will be exhibiting and showing his wares at the Ami-Tech Dayton Amiga Users Group booth. Eric is the creator of Amy the Squirrel, the cartoon mascot of the Amiga, and the online comic Sabrina.

We’re also excited to announce that Charles Marks, the well known and noted artist of Claw Marks Productions is coming from Jonesboro Arkansas. He will exhibit and sell lithographs of St. Louis and is helping design the special Amiga 2001 show shirt that will be available for sale at the show.

Confirmed exhibitors and name guests include: Amiga, FWD Computing, Merlancia Industries, CompuQuick Media Center, Dan's Deals, Cloanto, individual computers, Gateway Amiga Club Inc., Bounce-back Videos, Amigan-St. Louis, G & G Publishing, Mr. Hardware, Jurgen Haage of Haage and Partner, PC Journal, Brewster Productions, AmiTech Dayton Amiga Users Group, AmigActive Magazine, Nova Design, Northwest Amiga Group, Charles Marks, More exhibitors are being added each week, so check the web site.

We also plan to have several exciting surprises – so don’t miss out on this show!

Bob Scharp,

Producers of the Gateway Amiga Shows... the best Amiga shows in the Americas! For more information, check out http://www.amiga-stl.com

Specially priced tickets are available in advance by mail.
Two day admission tickets.....$17.
One day admission ticket......$12.

If you elect to purchase tickets at the door, the prices are as follows:
Two day ticket at the door....$20
One day ticket at the door... $15 Persons holding advance tickets will have a special line to reduce waiting. No check(s) should be mailed later than March 10th or there is a chance that they will not arrive at our office by the 17th, in time for processing for the show and return to you by first class mail.

Please note that we will accept one check for Admission and Banquet tickets. Banquet price is $35 per person. Seminars are free. First come, first serve. No reservations on seminars. Only classes are ticketed.

Make your check or money order payable to "Amigan-St. Louis" Send checks for admission and banquet* tickets to:

Amigan St. Louis
c/o Amiga 2K
P.O. Box 672
Bridgeton, MO 63044

Amiga2001 - An Amiga Odyssey - Friday March 30 through Sunday April 1, 2001 : Comment 1 of 4ANN.lu
Posted by Matthew DeSantis on 25-Jan-2001 23:00 GMT
I had a great time last year seeing all the vendors. The crowdsize was average, but the spirit was there. I'm going again, and I encourage every amiga fan within a reasonable distance to do the same. Part swap meet and part expo, the St. Louis show is cool. At the least you can go drink with a few Amiga luminaries (I am in no way affililated with Bob Scharp or Amiga 2001, just an enthusaist who had a great time last year).
Amiga2001 - An Amiga Odyssey - Friday March 30 through Sunday April 1, 2001 : Comment 2 of 4ANN.lu
Posted by Roj on 25-Jan-2001 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (Matthew DeSantis):
I whole-heartedly agree. My only suggestion is that they limit the number of raffle tickets that an individual can purchase. Either that or make >10 prize-winners get up on stage and sing or something.
Amiga2001 - An Amiga Odyssey - Friday March 30 through Sunday April 1, 2001 : Comment 3 of 4ANN.lu
Posted by the man in the shadows on 25-Jan-2001 23:00 GMT
I just hope that Gil guy doesn't buy the lot of raffle tickets like he has for the past so many years... really takes _all_ of the fun out of the raffle.
Amiga2001 - An Amiga Odyssey - Friday March 30 through Sunday April 1, 2001 : Comment 4 of 4ANN.lu
Posted by Saraba on 25-Jan-2001 23:00 GMT
Well, we had a great time last year as well. Meeting new friends,
and seeing ones we only talk to on-line. If you are on IRC, maybe
we can have a get together at a certain time on Saturday at the
show.. Just a thought. We did it once when they used to have the
shows at Columbus OH, and have made a couple of good friends.
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