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[News] Ted Waitt CEO of Gateway, againANN.lu
Posted on 30-Jan-2001 15:13 GMT by Christian Kemp5 comments
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Remember Gateway? Remember Ted Waitt? Now guess who's back in charge? Here's their press release. This might be an interesting fact to notice, considering their past involvement with Amiga.
Ted Waitt CEO of Gateway, again : Comment 1 of 5ANN.lu
Posted by m0ns00n on 29-Jan-2001 23:00 GMT
This is actually interesting news. Perhaps, maybe, by one in a million, Gateway might embrace Amiga inc.s technology, or even better, open the amigaos source! ;)
Ted Waitt CEO of Gateway, again : Comment 2 of 5ANN.lu
Posted by Ville Sarell on 29-Jan-2001 23:00 GMT
"Waitt replaces Jeff Weitzen, who has announced his retirement. Weitzen served as CEO since January 1, 2000."
Hmm, is it just me.. but if you have a position at Gateway, you could be sure that it won't last long :)
Ted Waitt CEO of Gateway, again : Comment 3 of 5ANN.lu
Posted by Scott Kurtz on 29-Jan-2001 23:00 GMT
I don't think it's at all likely that Gateway will re-embrace Amiga. Remember that it was Waitt himself who made the remark (ca. June 1999) about Amiga, "It's definitely not a computer business." Jim Collas's sudden departure in late August 1999 may have been the result of a split between Waitt and Collas, and possibly the feeling that Collas was over-reaching his authority by attempting to suggest that Amiga Inc. was operating independently of Gateway and by openly at least inferring that the Amiga community might know more than Gateway's board of directors.
Ted Waitt CEO of Gateway, again : Comment 4 of 5ANN.lu
Posted by the man in the shadows on 29-Jan-2001 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (Scott Kurtz):
There are so many reasons why J.C. left the Gateway/Amiga crew... there is just way to many to post. I'm quite glad that T.W. is back the hotseat... maybe they will earn a profit this next fourth quarter. This whole thing though has been repeated before, with J.C., Rick Snyder, and others. I'm sure that this is not the last we will see of the happenings at Gateway.
Ted Waitt CEO of Gateway, again : Comment 5 of 5ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 30-Jan-2001 23:00 GMT
Makes no diffrence the company is in trouble just as the whole PC market. They over sold by flooding the market. Its all the result of Intel constantly realesing fater chips in a two months cycle instead of waiting atleast a year or two to let customers enjoy what they are currently using and out grow it. This is a direct result of why theses pc manufactures are in abind now. consumers are tire of this now and are sticking with what they have thus the slump. which will now cause upper level turn overs and lower level turn overs whit a tree major pc producers. Why do you think Microsoft is trying to enter the consumer good market with .Net and the X-Box. PC have lost their luster.
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