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[News] Rumors about AmigaZone are NOT true!..ANN.lu
Posted on 03-Feb-2001 20:46 GMT by Christian Kemp
Harv Laser writes: I have been advised that there are some rumors floating around out there, started by I don't know who, that my online service, AmigaZone, is going away. I am here to put a stop to these rumors. AmigaZone is NOT going away. It is quite healthy, up and running and serving its members as it has since 1985.

What happened is that the ISP who has hosted it since the Fall of 1996, CalWeb Internet Services, was sold a year and a half ago, to an ISP aggregator called Inforum Communications in Denver, CO., USA.

Late last year, Inforum decided to divest itself of all its ISP holdings, including CalWeb, thus putting CalWeb's future in doubt. This being the case, I have partnered with Merlancia Industries in Phoenix, AZ who is now handling AmigaZone billing, taking that away from CalWeb.. I still run AmigaZone and always will, as long as it exists. All AmigaZone members have been sent an email, and will be sent a snail paper version, detailing this billing change. The price has not changed one cent.

This is good news because Merlancia is a very healthy company, run by a very savvy guy, and we get along quite well together. We are making a lot of improvements in AmigaZone, adding features to it, and will shortly be announcing price cuts, specials, and user group membership deals, to attract more customers.

Whoever is circulating rumors about AmigaZone, please just knock it off. There are some dolts out there who, for whatever reason, have wanted to see AmigaZone fail for a long time, so they circulate these rumors anonymously and I hear them from various close sources who can never pin them down to a specific person or persons. I am here to tell you that those rumors are malarky.

Anything about AmigaZone's status that you read from a source other than me or Merlancia is simply not true.


Harv Laser
Founder and Sysop and Rumor-squasher of AmigaZone..


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