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[News] Tribes 2 source code opened (somewhat)ANN.lu
Posted on 22-Mar-2001 13:13 GMT by Christian Kemp
Peter Eriksson wrote: writes: In a rather surprising interview made by Billy Wilson at Voodoo Extreme, Garage Games President Jeff Tunnell says the source code of the "Tribes 2" engine (Tribes 2 being the highly acclaimed game for the Windows and Linux platforms just recently going gold) will be available to anyone for just $100 USD! (AmigaOS, AROS and MorphOS would make suitable platforms) (Check out the details) Here's a short abstract of the interview ("VE" being "Voodoo Extreme" and "JT" being Garage Games' President Jeff Tunnell):
VE - I gotta be frank....$100 for the source to a AAA gaming engine seems to be a steal. What's the catch?

JT - Of course there is a catch. GarageGames must be the exclusive publisher for the game, and we split our on-line revenue with our developers 50/50. If the games are good enough to go to the box channel, they must be represented by GarageGames, and first offered to Sierra.

More information on Tribes 2 can be found over at its official homepage.

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