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Posted on 02-Apr-2001 12:47 GMT by Christian Kemp1 comments
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Wayne Hunt wrote: Amiga.org is currently down. This weekend we took over 2.5 million hits to the server, and transferred over 40Gb in two days (mostly because of the Amiga 2001 pictures). As a result, our ISP suspended our service due to scragging their MySQL server. That means for the moment that Amiga.org will be unavailable until they either allow us back online, or I gather the money to move to another ISP.

Simple fact of life, Amiga.org is once again a victim of it's own success (for which I humbly thank you guys) and anyone who says the Amiga community is dead, obviously doesn't have to pay for it's bandwidth... :)

We'll be back soon I hope

Wayne Hunt

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Posted by DanDude on 01-Apr-2001 22:00 GMT
2.5 million hits?!?!?!?! Whoa. Someone tell me what was the highest rating UGN-Radio achieved on shoutcast.com in the talk-show catagory and overall on both days? (I attended the show)
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