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[News] Eyetech AmigaOne picturesANN.lu
Posted on 09-Apr-2001 11:24 GMT by Christophe Decanini13 comments
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From VGR website: Eyetech Group Ltd have placed online a AmigaOne picture page . They have 6 pictures of the Zico spec A1 motherbpard that include: AmigaOne PCB layout, AmigaOne PCB layout (closeup), AmigaOne board, AmigaOne board + A1200 in an EZTower-Z4, AmigaOne in standard ATX Tower case and AmigaOne in standard ATX Tower case. - Are all the drivers running today, or is this just a stuff-n-go picture for size concept? You can find a local copy of the pics and a nice Thumbnail page for a quick overview here: 08-Apr-01 AmigaOne picture. or access directly to Eyetech pictures page here
Eyetech AmigaOne pictures : Comment 1 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by Carl Mohlin on 08-Apr-2001 22:00 GMT
I'm pretty sure that it's just "a nice picture". It's nothing more than a "Boxer" to this day. But I'm going to buy it... when I can.
Eyetech AmigaOne pictures : Comment 2 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by Phil on 08-Apr-2001 22:00 GMT
The CPU slot being empty...This must be nothing but "nice picture", indeed.
Anyway, this looks really good ! Gimme, gimme gimme !!!!!
Eyetech AmigaOne pictures : Comment 3 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by Amifan on 08-Apr-2001 22:00 GMT
It's also hard to attach a Harddrive, no IDE controller and sockets :)
But it looks very nice, i'm putting this one on my shopping list....don't like the idea of a putting a G4 accelerator in a busboard which plugs into a 9 years old mainboard :)
Eyetech AmigaOne pictures : Comment 4 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by StAn on 08-Apr-2001 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (Amifan):
Hm, IDE sux (sorry :-}).
But at least, drivers for a SCSI board are planned...
Eyetech AmigaOne pictures : Comment 5 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by Thrombon on 08-Apr-2001 22:00 GMT
This is great news and the FAQ at the Eyetech site is a good read as well!
Eyetech AmigaOne pictures : Comment 6 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by Amifan on 08-Apr-2001 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 4 (StAn):
I don't own any SCSI device, and IDE is catching up nicely with SCSI in terms of transfer speed, not CPU usage, but hey, then there's at least one thing that can keep a G4 busy :)
Eyetech AmigaOne pictures : Comment 7 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by Joe "Floid" Kanowitz on 08-Apr-2001 22:00 GMT
Interesting, and it looks like it might mount directly to ATX? without added hole drilling? (It's hard to say, as the only ATX tray around here is occupied by a much larger EPoX board :)) It's definitely a lot smaller, and conceivably less complex than, say, my EPoX 8KTA3 (or any other recent x86 board), so... maaaaybe we can hope the price will compete, at least in terms of an unpopulated board. Owners of Lian-Li cases are going to find the CPU fighting against the bottom drive mount, of course... but you could always hack a bit and bolt that cage to the power supply's frame.
From the pictures, the ATX-mounted board seems to be the most complete, and it still seems to be lacking the USB chipset?, the CMOS battery/clock circuit, and whatever goes in that spot to the lower left of the DIMM sockets (maybe the drive controller chipset?)...
I'd give some thoughts on pricing and the NetBSD/non-Amiga-get-me-the-hell-off-x86 market, but I won't.
Eyetech AmigaOne pictures : Comment 8 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by Jerry Gibbons on 08-Apr-2001 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 6 (Amifan):
I have quite a few external SCSI devices which I would like to reuse on my new AmigaOne. Yes, I need SCSI ports!
Do the cards line up properly out the back of this PowerTower? Doesn't look like they would from this first picture.
Eyetech AmigaOne pictures : Comment 9 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by skal on 08-Apr-2001 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 7 (Joe "Floid" Kanowitz):
I remember reading something, somewhere about zif cache chips, which the owner could change out for more grunt. Perhaps, Floid, that is what those mysterious slots are for?
Eyetech AmigaOne pictures : Comment 10 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by skal on 08-Apr-2001 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 8 (Jerry Gibbons):
No, Jerry, nothing is planned to line up. Everyone knows that Amigans can gnaw holes in the rear of the case...;')
Eyetech AmigaOne pictures : Comment 11 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by Darrin on 09-Apr-2001 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 8 (Jerry Gibbons):
The AmigaOne is able to access the PCMCIA port on the A1200 so your SCSI devices will be able to work in "classic" mode via a Squirrel interface. It will be interesting to see if the AmigaOne can also access this port under OS4.x with the correct driver(s). I use a SCSI/USB Castlewood 2.2gb ORB drive on my Amiga and I'd still like to access it via SCSI or USB.
Eyetech AmigaOne pictures : Comment 12 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by Joe "Floid" Kanowitz on 09-Apr-2001 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 9 (skal):
In response to skal's comment... I'm noting the unpopulated solder pads, and those are all for surface-mount chips of some sort... and I don't think desoldering and resoldering such would be "ZIF," heheh. Seriously, I'd imagine external cache is either onboard the chipset, or the still-lurking CPU card... [Time to dig up those old block diagrams, and/or find someone who knows more about PPC board designs...] ...but, on this note, I might as well say what I'm sure a few others are thinking- what the heck're those sockety things around the chipset? It's kinda hard to tell, and I'm guessing they're some sort of socket-retainer for testing BGA packages without soldering them down?
Ahwell. That was random of me and probably shows how far I am from ever getting my EE/CompE degree, heh.
Eyetech AmigaOne pictures : Comment 13 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 09-Apr-2001 22:00 GMT
I wonder if The AmigaOne board is actually based on Powerpc Open Platform...POP? (a1pop1.jpg) :)
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