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[Motd] ANN/motd 29-Aug-01ANN.lu
Posted on 29-Aug-2001 19:49 GMT by Christian Kemp
As you might have noticed, I restarted updates to ANN.lu a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, I'm not as active as a news researcher, so I'd appreciate more news submissions, both by users and companies, via the Add News Item page.

On a not entirely unrelated topic, as of September 1st 2001, I will once again be part of the active work force, since I will return to my former employer to work as a programmer. Read more below. My school and work history is getting complicated. I dropped out of school without a final degree in 1999, and worked for a year. Then, in a very short time span, in early September 2000, I decided to head back to school, to try and pass that final last year. Which I did.

While a few months ago, I was still talking about going to university to study computer science, these thoughts all but vanished, and when I visited my former employer sometime in early July, my former boss hinted that they had been satisfied with me to the extent that they'd take me back any time. So I followed up on that offer, and for the last two weeks have worked there in a temporary position while waiting for a final decision, including a shareholder approval.

The final decision came today, and my future in the company will be as a programmer, and not as a 1st and 2nd level helpdesk person, as I had started with the first year. To ensure that my qualifications are up to the necessary standards (while I have a good understanding of copmputer programming, I am missing any real life experience with modern developer tools, as well as languages such as C++), they will ensure, in cooperation with the head programmer, a training programme and a smooth transition towards my being a real programmer, with the respective salary.

So what does that mean for ANN? I suppose things won't change much. I will work the usual 40h per week, but might actually get more time to take a quick look at ANN then when I'm at home and distracted by other things. :)

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