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[News] Bill McEwen interviewedANN.lu
Posted on 07-Oct-2001 14:33 GMT by Christian Kemp14 comments
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In a phone interview Martin Henke conducted with Amiga Inc. president Bill McEwen on October 2nd, Bill answers a few questions, but doesn't give too much detail. You can find the German version at Amiga Aktuell. Update: The English version is available in the news section of Amiga Aktuell International.
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Posted by Kay Are Ulvestad on 07-Oct-2001 12:57 GMT
Well, that was a nice read. Alway nice to hear that things are going pretty much
as planned, especially when *some* people are going out of there to say the opposite.
I think Bill is doing a good job leading Amiga. I think his PR skills is an advantage
to him. Looking forward to November!
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Posted by David Scheibler on 07-Oct-2001 13:30 GMT
>Before the end of October there will be some changes and a new
>attitude and some new products.
Changes, new attitude? Oh dear...
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Posted by Mekanix on 07-Oct-2001 13:30 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (Kay Are Ulvestad):
I especially liked the last comment:
"Before the end of October there will be some changes and a new attitude [...]. Make no mistake, with the new Amiga that is emerging you will either follow or get out of the way[...]"
Will we at last see the final episode of "Ralph'n'Jürgen washing their dirty laundry in public"?
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Posted by adam ceremuga on 07-Oct-2001 14:04 GMT
bill sounds pissed off:)
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Posted by Björn Hagström on 07-Oct-2001 14:04 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (Mekanix):
> Will we at last see the final episode of "Ralph'n'Jürgen washing their dirty laundry in public"?
Not likely..
Bill McEwen interviewed : Comment 6 of 14ANN.lu
Posted by Elwood on 07-Oct-2001 16:42 GMT
Another "we will do" interview. Still waiting...
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Posted by Anonymous on 07-Oct-2001 19:38 GMT
>AA: Mr. McEwen, the AmigaDE player was announced to be released in September. >What is the current status of development?
>BM: Progress is going quite well, but we are running about one week late. It >will be out in about 7 days.
This interview isn't recent - look at that comment. It must have been done about a week before the DE player was released - according to amiga.org the DE player was available on the 25th August - therefore the inteview must have been done about 17th August - over 7 weeks ago.
It's also curious that Mr McEwan didn't mention the November release date for AmigaOne/OS4...
I can't see how this old interview could prove anything.
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Posted by Paul Heams on 07-Oct-2001 19:38 GMT
In reply to Comment 7 (Anonymous):
At the top it says the interview was conducted on the 2nd of October.
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Posted by KenH on 07-Oct-2001 20:09 GMT
In reply to Comment 7 (Anonymous):
I don't believe the AmigaDE Player has been released as of yet. Even in the interview, it's stated that it's supposed to be out in the start of october and Bill says it will be out in 7 days time. A week behind isn't bad. Thus, from that I take it that it is a recent interview discounting all rumours that Amiga isn't able to cope with it's tasks.
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Posted by Graham on 08-Oct-2001 10:02 GMT
A new information policy - lets hope that it is consistent, whatever it is. If it means not announcing software and other stuff until 2 months before release, then so be it.
Better than 9 months of sniping behind their backs in my opinion! And probably their opinion.
I wonder who the unannounced hardware partners are?
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Posted by m0ns00n on 08-Oct-2001 11:12 GMT
In reply to Comment 10 (Graham):
I don't think we will see big names. Expect people like Elbox or Matay, perhaps strategic partnerships with subcompanies of Sony or the likes.
I am not doubting that their products will be released, I am on the other hand more worried about the quality of these. Their "competitors" are doing a much better job of keeping the public informed. the design on the Amiga webpage has not been updated in some years, and the news items can be counted with fingers.
Amiga is a small company. I have stopped expecting big news.
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Posted by Anonymous on 08-Oct-2001 13:50 GMT
AmigaOS for X86??!
Ok this is it, I'm not buying AmigaOne anymore...and I doubt many will. Sorry but it's the hard truth. They must be idiots to reveal that info in this time. AOS5 is due in what? one and a half / two years? And some say Amiga Inc. is in a bad finance sitution! well, they seem to ejoy it..
Bill McEwen interviewed : Comment 13 of 14ANN.lu
Posted by Troels Ersking on 08-Oct-2001 14:35 GMT
In reply to Comment 12 (Anonymous):
Why won't you buy the A1?
Because AmigaOS will (with OS5) be available for X86 and you prefer that or why??
Honestly I don't see a problem whith Os5 beeing available for both X86 and PPC with AmigaDE beeing the middleware you write your programs for. Thats the way I expect (or hope) it will be...
Troels Ersking
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Posted by Mikey C on 08-Oct-2001 14:35 GMT
In reply to Comment 12 (Anonymous):
That has got to be the silliest, most illogical, dumbest argument I
have ever heard. You won't by an A1 because AOS5.0 (when it comes out)
will run on X86????
Hey, I prefer PPC to X86, just 'cos it's available for X86 doesn't
mean it will diminish your A1 in any way whatsover.
Mikey C
(looking forward to getting an AmigaOne!)
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