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[News] Amiga.org hackedANN.lu
Posted on 20-Oct-2001 18:54 GMT by Christian Kemp31 comments
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In a comment here on ANN, Amiga.org's Wayne Hunt confirms that Amiga.org has been hacked. The main database was destroyed, and even though there are (possibly compromised) backups, they are debating whether or not to bother putting it back up. I guess any help, words of encouragement or financial support would be greatly appreciated by the Amiga.org team. In the same thread, people are currently discussing, among other things, whether the person responsible for this should better be fed to alligators, or eaten alive by fire ants.
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 1 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Elwood on 20-Oct-2001 18:07 GMT
Hey hackers, why don't you try to hack the Microsoft website ?
Come on, show us that you can do it !!!
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 2 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Brian J Hoskins on 20-Oct-2001 18:07 GMT
I'm just getting word of the Amiga.org hacking now, and I think it is an absolute disgrace. Who is responsible for this? Who does these things? Do they think that they are smart or something?
I would just like to offer my moral support for the Amiga.org team, and to say I hope you get back up and running ASAP. I personally view the Amiga.org site as essential to the continuing friendship that is the Amiga community, and that to let everything go down the toilet at the hands of a sad, and lonely person such as the one who commited this, would be a terrible and defeating thing to do.
I dont think there should be any question of your return. I know you work very VERY hard at this, and that it must be both demoralising and infuriating to have it tampered with in such a careless way, but please remember that there are a great many of us who are very greatful and thankful for the presense of your site, and we would see it as a substantial blow if you would choose not to return.
Whatever you decide to do, best of luck for the future, and thankyou VERY much for the support and dedication you have already showed the Amiga community.
All the best, and thanks again, Bri. Come back very soon!! U know u want 2!
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 3 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Wil Haslup on 21-Oct-2001 00:06 GMT
I was on Amiga.org this morning at the very time it went down.
I have my browser set with it as my home page so its the first thing
I look at when I start up an internet session. I say the unbelieveable
and false rumor about H & P and tried to post a comment requesting
a source of "official verification" I got a rather odd reply
suggesting I was asking for a record that didn't exist and then
I only got a message that it couldn't find its database.
To those that did this I only ask if they don't have better things
to do? First to try to post a false and discouraging piece of
news to upset Amiga users and then to damage the database is
pretty desparate.
Maybe I'm giving the fools that did this more credit
than I should but
to those that run Amiga.org I'd suggest that someone
is actively targeting the infrastructure of the Amiga
community. That shows me there is a need for what you
do. There's lots of folks that depend on your site for news.
Please don't let the actions of one or two
darken your efforts for the rest of us.
--Wil Haslup
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 4 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by badl on 21-Oct-2001 00:06 GMT
Bah.. who really cares!
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 5 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by redrumloa on 21-Oct-2001 01:50 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (Wil Haslup):
I also was watching the site closely about the time this happened. At first I was fooled into believing the post about H&P leaving the Amiga market. I was fooled, but things seemed to come clear when the site went down. Someone is a jackass, why attack Amiga.org?
Jim Farley
( aka redrumloa)
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 6 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 21-Oct-2001 02:11 GMT
It dang well come back!!The Amiga need it tto much.
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 7 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by TimeWillTell on 21-Oct-2001 03:20 GMT
This is a very sad time.
Wayne I don't know whether you can do it, but we sure need your site.
If you can save it; please do.
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 8 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by tony wyatt on 21-Oct-2001 09:32 GMT
The immediate need is for other sysops to be vigilant. The perpetrators may even be those who recently posted hysterical rubbish on the Bunny, but in any case, they won't stop now - they're on a roll.
Christian, John, etc, watch out. Make the best defences you can. Now.
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 9 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Christian Kemp on 21-Oct-2001 09:44 GMT
In reply to Comment 8 (tony wyatt):
> Christian, John, etc, watch out. Make the best defences you can. Now.
I would, if this were a fulltime job. So right now, I can only hope that ANN is less vulnerable due to the fact that the data is not stored in a single database and that I'm using my own scripts that cannot be studied for vulnerabilities as easily as php-nuke. Besides, I'm doing backups now, the last one weighed in at over 17 MB.
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 10 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Olduser on 21-Oct-2001 16:11 GMT
In this time of spineless, gutless cowards don't let them win an inch. I hope you will find it within yourself to restore Amiga.org. It was really looking good and you set a great tone there.
Amiga.org was my 1st stop and ANN was my second. Don't hand the slime bastards a victory!
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 11 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Richard 'DawnBringer' Fhager on 21-Oct-2001 16:18 GMT
Amiga needs Amiga.org. Don't let the destructive behaviour of idiots discourage you. Keep up the good work!
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 12 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Juan Orellana on 21-Oct-2001 17:34 GMT
Anyone know the Paypal account url for donating money.
If so post it here so people can still donate while amiga.org is gone.
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 13 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Sven Harvey on 21-Oct-2001 17:47 GMT
In reply to Comment 12 (Juan Orellana):
Pleease don't letr these swines end amiga.org... The correct details for paypal would be appreciated.
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 14 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Mike Bouma on 21-Oct-2001 18:25 GMT
Amiga.org is our most important English languaged community portal. Every Amigan able to help should do what is in his or her power to do so. Money donations would most surely be excellent moral support and will help them making Amiga.org even better. Now let`s show those faceless cowards that we aren`t easily beaten!
Sincerely, Mike Bouma.
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 15 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Housey on 21-Oct-2001 18:50 GMT
I'm a regular on Amiga.org find this news outragious. Who ever hacked this site either has Amiga specific intensions OR no intensions AT ALL.
I will donate to get 'the' site back up and I feel many others will.
If this was malicious then...
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 16 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by priest on 21-Oct-2001 19:05 GMT
Amiga.org must NOT die!
Damn, I just ordered another subscription of AmigaActive and then they immediately drop the Classic Amiga! I´ll be using my classic Amiga until there is something better available and that time is NOT near.
How about widening Amiga.org´s scope with reviews, tutorials, etc.? I would be glad to pay for something like that than for some Active´s "digital" mag...
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 17 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 21-Oct-2001 20:02 GMT
In reply to Comment 4 (badl):
Apparently lots of folks!
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 18 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by MoJo on 21-Oct-2001 20:59 GMT
Like many people, Amiga.org was on my daily rounds and an important source
of news for me. I really hope it comes back, it's value is hard to estimate.
To the pathetic lamers who cracked the site: You must be happy. You seem to
be 'Amiga people' and know enough to wind us all up with false stories about
major Amiga companies. But what have you gained? A bit of kudos among fellow
lamers? It just goes to show that even now, there are still skum like you
out to prove yourselves idiots. Any lame script kiddie can crack a site that
isn't totally protected, so I hope you feel prowd that you managed to download
the crack and click on the right button. You truely are 3l1t3.
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 19 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Ray Akey on 22-Oct-2001 03:58 GMT
In reply to Comment 15 (Housey):
Housey> Who ever hacked this site either has Amiga
Housey> specific intensions OR no intensions AT ALL.
Trust me, my friend, they have intentions and those are to destroy.
I know some "security conscious" hackers who DO look for this kind of exploit but instead of doing damage, they first notify the host (or the web application developer) of the exploit so that it can be plugged.
However, the acts that brought amiga.org down are something else completely.
Wayne, I hope you have the cahunas and will to bring amiga.org back up and laugh in the face of these hackers. As I have offered many times, if you need my help in doing so or in securing the site afterwards, just let me know.
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 20 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Ray Akey on 22-Oct-2001 04:03 GMT
In reply to Comment 18 (MoJo):
No, they are not "Amiga people." Amiga Inc., as bad as you seem to think they/we are, do not condone or support this type of garbage.
Those who took down amiga.org are, plain and simple, bottom feeders. They feed by destroying the hard work of others without regard to others. They thrive on our reactions and the fallout of their activities.
It is deplorable.
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 21 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by José on 22-Oct-2001 09:27 GMT
This thing that happened is a strong motivation to put A.Org back on! You have the support of many, and AOrg really was a great site. Don't give up!
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 22 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Doobrey on 22-Oct-2001 10:18 GMT
Dont let the b@st@rds get you down.
Let me know when you track them down, I`ve got a lump of 2x4 with some rusty nails sticking out of it that would love to meet those lamers.
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 23 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Samface on 22-Oct-2001 11:18 GMT
Hmmmm.... they put up false "news" about H&P just before the site went down, kind of like the ones that was posted here on ann a while ago. Could it be the same guys? Could it be the "Amigans in Black"?
Well, I know where they are from and the name of their ISP. It would be nice to know the IP of the guys who hacked Amiga.org to compare with and we would know for sure...
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 24 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Solar (BAUD) on 22-Oct-2001 11:48 GMT
In reply to Comment 23 (Samface):
Hehe... ;-)
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 25 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Mr_Mirandir on 22-Oct-2001 11:56 GMT
I think that all the facts that is possible to find out would be put up somewhere so we can see who those F*ckers are and *EXCLUDE* them from the community! Hang them out to the public is the best punishment i think!
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 26 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Endgame on 22-Oct-2001 12:08 GMT
I sent money to Amiga.org before the hack and below is some info PayPal sent to me:
If you need help, please contact customer service at:
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 27 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Wayne Hunt on 22-Oct-2001 12:22 GMT
Good morning,
I want to thank each and every one of you for your support through this time. We have a good indication of who's responsible, and it's the same spithead who's been notorious for trying to destroy the Amiga over the years.
At the moment, we've decided it would be in the best interest of the community, NOT to re-install the database as it is, because of the fact it's been compromised. What we'll do now is begin work on a new site (which will set us back but be better in the long run. Look for the beginnings of it starting later in the week.
We can salvage things like the news database and links, but those personalized items such as forum posts, or comments are unfortunately unusable (since they're now linked to compromised user accounts).
What lies ahead is a helluva lot of work. If you're a competent PHP Programmer, we could use a hand. In regards to your very generous offers for financial assistance, we are still trying to purchase our own dedicated server and very much need your help.
The address to send donations via paypal.com is to donations@amiga.org
If you would prefer to send a check/money order or small unladen children, Please address it to
Wayne Hunt
3535 Apollo Drive, Apartment H-301
Metairie, LA 70003 USA
Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support.
Wayne Hunt
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 28 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by DanDude on 22-Oct-2001 12:41 GMT
In reply to Comment 27 (Wayne Hunt):
You're welcome. :)
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 29 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Jim Forbes-Ritte(AGAfaster) on 22-Oct-2001 12:50 GMT
In reply to Comment 27 (Wayne Hunt):
Good work ! have you thought of doing it in Rebol ? perhaps Mr Sassenrath could help ? just a thought (probably not worth it - might take too long to learn the language, and completely redesign - stick to the quickest solution for the time being maybe rebol is 'one for the future' ?)
Anyway, Good Luck for the future, hope the culprit's a**ehole turns square and festers at the corners...
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 30 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Samface on 23-Oct-2001 05:14 GMT
In reply to Comment 27 (Wayne Hunt):
Competent PHP-programmer? Hmmmm... maybe you should try talking to the Boingworld team as they are competent enough to create their own PHP-like language (BWILBoingWorld Interpreter Language). :-o I'm sure they would gladly help as much as possible. :-D
Check out http://www.boingworld.com
Amiga.org hacked : Comment 31 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by Revener on 24-Oct-2001 19:47 GMT
Well what can I say?
Never surrender you were the best, and good luck.
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