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[News] "What happened to...?" - RJ MicalANN.lu
Posted on 20-Oct-2001 21:11 GMT by Christian Kemp
In an old press release I found, surprisingly, in my referer logs, the following is said about RJ Mical... Aug. 27, 2001 - Video game veteran RJ Mical has joined Fathammer as chief architect. Mical assumes the responsibility for designing the software architecture and development interface for Fathammer's mobile game engine, X-Forge™. He will oversee the integration of third party components as well as serve as a company spokesman and technology evangelist. [..] Fathammer's X-Forge™ gaming technology and suite of supporting tools allows game developers to create original titles and bring existing properties to multiple mobile platforms. The X-Forge™ 3D game engine pioneers a new category for handheld devices and entertainment software - Mobiletainment™ - enabling console quality gaming on popular mobile devices.
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