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[News] Freespace shippedANN.lu
Posted on 28-Dec-2001 15:20 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä4 comments
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From Amigart: "'Freespace is finished, and as far as I know the first copies have been delivered to the customers.' - Hans-Joerg Frieden, Hyperion Software"
Freespace shipped : Comment 1 of 4ANN.lu
Posted by Rassilon on 28-Dec-2001 16:51 GMT
Yep. Could've had my copy yesterday but missed the postman. Got it this morning instead
Freespace shipped : Comment 2 of 4ANN.lu
Posted by redrumloa on 28-Dec-2001 22:18 GMT
yippppeeeeee!!! Now it's time to point my browser to www.softhut.com
Gotta go, bye
Freespace shipped : Comment 3 of 4ANN.lu
Posted by redrumloa on 29-Dec-2001 20:31 GMT
hmm not to many posts in here, I will take that as a GOOD thing:-) Here's why:
1)No one mindlessly flamming Hyperion.
2)Hopefully because they are scrambling to break out their credit card to buy this
wonderfull game.
3)It's too close to new years and they are hitting the bottle;-)
Freespace shipped : Comment 4 of 4ANN.lu
Posted by Lasse Bodilsen on 29-Dec-2001 21:29 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (redrumloa):
I'll take choice unmber 3, then :-)
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