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[Files] AmigaTalk 2.0ANN.lu
Posted on 18-Mar-2002 19:45 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä1 comments
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"[AmigaTalk] is a version of Little Smalltalk (V1.0 by Tim Budd) that allows the Amiga programmer to experiment with the Smalltalk language. Little Smalltalk should in no way be construed to be a complete or compatible Smalltalk dialect. This new version (2.0) has some more of the Amiga OS accessible to AmigaTalk. A lot of minor problems were also fixed."
Category: dev/lang
License: freeware
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AmigaTalk 2.0 : Comment 1 of 1ANN.lu
Posted by A3K on 19-Mar-2002 05:36 GMT
Smalltalk is not to be confused with small brain, which has boycotted Amiga.
smalltalk is the antithesis of talk-big which is the goal of those posting "boycott" messages.
In a related note, I am boycotting myself as I use a nickname based on a computer built by Amiga inc.
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