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[Web] Treasure-trove of old software in AustraliaANN.lu
Posted on 05-May-2002 01:10 GMT by Doug Thorp1 comments
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Huge amount of older software, games and productivity, in Australia, from store still using Amigas (500, 2000) as very reliable work-machines. Site needs some updates, but long lists. Valhalla Games & Hobbies
Treasure-trove of old software in Australia : Comment 1 of 1ANN.lu
Posted by paulT on 06-May-2002 18:23 GMT
Eh, a little bit optimistic - only a couple of pages on the site have even been updated within the past year, so no telling what is still in stock. Nonetheless at some point they had a boatload of Amiga ware, (a NEW unopened copy of Videoscape 3D v2.0?!) and if you figure the Aussie dollar is low and they're willing to listen to offers then you might come out all right. Lots of other gaming current and collectible stuff too.
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