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[News] Virus SpammerANN.lu
Posted on 06-May-2002 17:45 GMT by Andreas Kleinert21 comments
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Someone from Czech is sending viruses around (using an SMPT Server somewhere in Czech) using faked eMail adresses of prominent people. Someone from Czech is sending viruses around (via a .cz SMPT Server, thus obviously somewhere in Czech) using faked eMail addresses of prominent Amiga people/companies as From/Reply-To: tags. For example, I got one sent to my email adress with Dave Haynie's email address as fake sender and someone abused mine to send a virus mail to Haage and Partner. Please simple delete such emails. They have various content, probably including virus programs for Windows machines. Which BTW makes this even more obscure since I'm still using an Amiga email program using an Amiga - no such infection possible.. -- Andreas Kleinert / PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX
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Posted by Christophe Decanini on 06-May-2002 16:00 GMT
This is exactly what I got. the server was not from czech but from Italy. It looks that someone has fun sending windows viruses to amiga users.
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Posted by Ole-Egil Hvitmyren on 06-May-2002 16:23 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (Christophe Decanini):
Well, sending outlook viruses to apparently die hard non outlook users just to see if they actually GET infected IS fun, but nothing I would do if not properly introduced first ;)
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Posted by the man in the shadows on 06-May-2002 16:24 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (Christophe Decanini):
I almost find this kind of funny. The person sending out the viruses to PC boxes using known Amiga names as the spoof from. I even got one from myself that had an attachment... lol, I never send attachments.
If you get an email like the one mentioned, use SpamCop... worlds best anti-spam service on the net for free. If enough people are reporting the same problems the ISP who hosts the little wanna-b hacker will get theirs in the end... I just hope he's not taking pictures of himself again.
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Posted by X on 06-May-2002 16:38 GMT
Oh no my Amiga will be infected with PC virus,,, I'm soooo scared :)
The virus dude is probably unemployed and living with his mom otherwise he would have better things to do,, like getting a life.
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Posted by Jaeson Koszarsky on 06-May-2002 16:48 GMT
In reply to Comment 4 (X):
This sounds like the virus that has Penn State University pretty well infected. I get them from psu accounts several times a week.
Jaeson K.
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Posted by MIKE on 06-May-2002 16:56 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (the man in the shadows):
It's the Klez virus, it not only will spam harvested email's from your browser cache/addressbook on windows, it will pick one of these addresses as the From address as well, pretty nasty little virus.
Virus Spammer : Comment 7 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 06-May-2002 17:10 GMT
In reply to Comment 6 (MIKE):
Sounds like the BadTrans W32 virus that was going around earlier..... My PC got infected by it cos it said the senderwas someone I had been in contact with trying to find an old schoolfriend (Girlfriend) from 1976 !! thats why I opened it... Fdisked the effer & started again, now using Norton 2002.
But your quite right ..... It would have no effect on an amiga system, although it could send itself to everyone in your address book (I assume).
Virus Spammer : Comment 8 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by Seehund on 06-May-2002 19:01 GMT
In reply to Comment 6 (MIKE):
It's Klez (or something like that) alright. Noone but the virus programmer can be accused of "spamming". That Czech person is most likely totally unaware of his virus infection just like most people who've got it.
Well, OK, people shouldn't be using Microsoft software and they should keep their anti-virus software up to date.
Virus Spammer : Comment 9 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by kjetil on 06-May-2002 19:02 GMT
get smart about Viruses for once my you listen to me,
protect you're systems, do not allow viruses to be spared,
do not collect them like Ole-Egil is doing, and do not spread
the viruses you have collected to PC users just because you my disagree,
most Internet virus are spamming nature and will spring right
back at you as unwonted emails even do they do not crash or harm you're systems,
Do not sine otter users to spam mail, as in the end, this can led to spam war,
and in the end the Internet get so unfriendly that we might as well turn of you're computers.
I fore one have stooped using my email address here at ann.lu as I'm afraid i my get spammed,
Virus Spammer : Comment 10 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by Matt Parsons on 06-May-2002 19:13 GMT
Someone has been using my domain name for spamming, know because I get all the returned mail junk!!!!
Virus Spammer : Comment 11 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by kjetil on 06-May-2002 19:25 GMT
In reply to Comment 10 (Matt Parsons):
now about protecting you're domain with an farewell?
do not allow otter users the you're own to have access to SMTP service.
if you are running a linux server you can modify the /etc/hostallow, /etc/hostdenay files.
if you have no need for sendmail, you can disable the service.
Virus Spammer : Comment 12 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by John Block on 06-May-2002 20:31 GMT
Yam is free and has a feature where you can download headers and delete email from your mail box.
This can be done even if you do not then use yam as your mail program
Virus Spammer : Comment 13 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by Matt Parsons on 06-May-2002 21:01 GMT
In reply to Comment 11 (kjetil):
They not using my servers, they just put someone@mydomain.com as the return address, so that the replys come to me!!! The SMTP they send from is diffrerent each time....
It really sucks.
Virus Spammer : Comment 14 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by Amon_Re on 07-May-2002 16:01 GMT
In reply to Comment 13 (Matt Parsons):
Well, things will probably only get worse, more & more virusses are spreading through email (gotta love M$ for being so lame on security) and spammers won't stop overnight.
The only thing all these virusses are good for is my job, i used to repair PC's, now i remove virusses ;)
If i didn't know any better, i'd think that M$ is actually having fun with all this :)
PS: What if all these virusses were a tactic of M, so that they can bring out their own "TCP/IP" stack, that's incompatable with the rest of the world, but that would make anonymous email impossible? Or am i being paranoide again? ;)
Virus Spammer : Comment 15 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by 3seas on 08-May-2002 00:50 GMT
Microsoft is no longer a company to be concerned about.
opinions on the matter are not going to change the falling direction of that company.
Microsoft is digging their own grave and it's deep.
people are getting tired of the MS expense and they have a choice, and even more important, they are knowing about the choice more and more.
On the topic issue perhaps that was what I had returned to me. A supposed email with two attachments, one being an old matrix forum thread and the other some .bat file.
Only I never sent such a message. Needless to say, I don't deal with email and news on my PC. And the Amiga doesn't have JAVA/script....
Virus Spammer : Comment 16 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by Trizt on 08-May-2002 05:31 GMT
There is so many SMTP servers out there which allows relaying without any kind of check and thats the main problem. Regadles OS, please check your SMTP settings, so it won't relay.
Had a friend who had relay on and his SMTP was used to send out over 40000 emails . The main problem is all windows users who are runing IIS without even knowing they are.
I can say that there are quite many stupid spammers, who don't know when a SMTP don't relay, even if it reports that to the stupid spammer, they will continue to hammer on the SMTP server for hours.
Virus Spammer : Comment 17 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by Chip on 08-May-2002 05:49 GMT
It's shame. You guys get the new KLEZ virus. It sends itself with faked address, so you cannot warn the really infected owner. Good trick.
So don't be lame.
Virus Spammer : Comment 18 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by Frederik Yssing on 08-May-2002 07:23 GMT
This Virus is all over now...
Denmark... I get several of these each day...
But my system is virus protected, or at least I hope it is...
Have a virus killer running constantly..
PPl who program vira should have theire kneecaps shot to pieces...
Virus Spammer : Comment 19 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by DaveW on 08-May-2002 11:36 GMT
In reply to Comment 9 (kjetil):
Virus Spammer : Comment 20 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by Nomad Of Norad on 09-May-2002 00:48 GMT
In reply to Comment 18 (Frederik Yssing):
Well, it's not like virus-programmers program with their knees, now! :-)
Virus Spammer : Comment 21 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by kjetil on 11-May-2002 22:58 GMT
In reply to Comment 19 (DaveW):
Way do you replay with "?", do you feel like you have some thing so say?
or do feel like this message was meant for you? there are more then one person on the net i have argued with,
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