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[News] Amiga updates websiteANN.lu
Posted on 10-May-2002 07:11 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä50 comments
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Amiga have updated their website with a new entry page and a specific AmigaOS site.
Amiga updates website : Comment 1 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Mikey C on 10-May-2002 05:40 GMT
About time! Well done! The website really needed updating
and it's nice to see a new Amiga OS4 section as well.
Now all that's left to do is re-design the corporate page.
8/10 for the website.
9/10 for effort ;-)
Mikey C
Amiga updates website : Comment 2 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 10-May-2002 05:58 GMT
Ehy! On AmigaOS Section, the AmigaONE link doesn't work to me!
Amiga updates website : Comment 3 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Trizt on 10-May-2002 06:05 GMT
In reply to Comment 2 (Anonymous):
The page don't be more than justa few rows HTML-tags
<title>Amiga ONE</title>
Amiga updates website : Comment 4 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 10-May-2002 07:31 GMT
Wow. A vast improvement. Great design. Well done Amiga Inc. :)
Amiga updates website : Comment 5 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by so excited on 10-May-2002 07:57 GMT
It looks awesome professional .. especially nice to see they really have one line of cooperate identity now .. at least three different AMIGA logos .. coool .. to be honest, this site looks neither professional nor does it put the AMIGA in a positive like .. amateurs at work :-( .. this is not intended to be a flame but just my honest opinion (and one should be able to issue that?) ..
Amiga updates website : Comment 6 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by James Whelan on 10-May-2002 08:00 GMT
This is very encouraging. I was beginning to feel that Amiga OS was becoming unimportant to Amiga Inc. as you had to go rummaging around with the old site to get any info on it. This puts it right at the top and, I think, indicates that they are as committed to it as they are to the DE, Amiga Anywhere etc. Well done.
Amiga updates website : Comment 7 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by chrleon on 10-May-2002 08:14 GMT
No, no, no, no.. This is going nowhere. Amiga Inc doesn't seem to be a professional corporation. It looks as if it all is a hobbyist project, at least their corporate identity seems so. Also the people they partner with is really disencouraging. www.inutis.de, those people also have a band, and photography department and also software. Talk about divided efforts..
This is sadly going nowhere.. I'm off..
Amiga updates website : Comment 8 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Rik Sweeney on 10-May-2002 08:15 GMT
In reply to Comment 7 (chrleon):
Shut the door on your way out...
Amiga updates website : Comment 9 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by RIk Sweeney on 10-May-2002 08:30 GMT
Thank God they're using a sensible forum now where you have to remember. Does anyone remember the farce that was their old forum?
Amiga updates website : Comment 10 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by DaveW on 10-May-2002 08:53 GMT
In reply to Comment 7 (chrleon):
...but leave the lights on.
Of all the reasons to leave ?:-|
Amiga updates website : Comment 11 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by José on 10-May-2002 08:56 GMT
The layout is good, but the graphics could be better, more professional looking whatever. And don't like the boing ball.
Amiga updates website : Comment 12 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by m0ns00n on 10-May-2002 09:19 GMT
Could've done better in a day's work, INCLUDING backoffice... This is lame..
Amiga updates website : Comment 13 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by gz on 10-May-2002 09:25 GMT
I think the new os page looks pretty ok. It doesen't give the visitor any OOH! AAAH! experience, but it doesen't look ugly either like the corporate site and the DE site. It's good enough for a small it company.
Now if they only could get some consistensy to the other sites aswell...(every site looks like they were some totally different company's site) The only thing that connects them in design is having boingballs somewhere on each page.
Amiga updates website : Comment 14 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by gz on 10-May-2002 09:37 GMT
Anyone heard anything about the nokia mediamaster deal?
In his most recent executive update dated back to February 22, 2002 McEwen said: "Our STB partner - Nokia, and their new Media Terminal. Yes, the same Nokia that you all know and love. Amiga will be pre-loaded on these products and we will begin shipping on them before summer this year. More information will be made available soon."
I have searched Nokia's sites and haven't found anything about AmigaAnywhere and the summer is almost here... Also there hasn't been any more information from McEwen either unlike was said in the executive update.
I hope there is still a deal on. (If there ever was something written in black and white.)
Amiga updates website : Comment 15 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by zurt on 10-May-2002 10:01 GMT
i dont like it either!
Amiga updates website : Comment 16 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by prosiak on 10-May-2002 10:32 GMT
jesus...why is it so ugly?
Amiga updates website : Comment 17 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by so excited on 10-May-2002 10:34 GMT
In reply to Comment 14 (gz):
"soon" is always to be with "AMIGA-soon" which means a couple of dozens of
years .. ;) .. are you a newbie to the "community"? :)
Amiga updates website : Comment 18 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Paolo "Mod3m" D'Urso on 10-May-2002 10:43 GMT
Yes, it's positive that they updated their website but still, it seems an amateur project. They should spend a bit and let some professional companies do their website.
Amiga updates website : Comment 19 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by nOw2 on 10-May-2002 10:43 GMT
Well, at least they're trying ...
Shame they don't apply TQM standards. I'm sure they do with their software, but shame they don't online.
http://os.amiga.com/corporate/051002-inga.shtml <- "Untitled Document".
Amiga updates website : Comment 20 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Rik Sweeney on 10-May-2002 11:44 GMT
In reply to Comment 9 (RIk Sweeney):
I meant "register", not "remember"
Amiga updates website : Comment 21 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Troels Ersking on 10-May-2002 11:57 GMT
In reply to Comment 14 (gz):
The Nokia deal was mentioned on Nokia's developer site, try have a look there...
Don't remember the URL but you should be able to find it on Nokia.com...
About Amiga's new look... I like it, the AmigaOS site, Amiga-anywhere site and the support network is quite ok, the corporate site sucks though!
About time something happened there... :-)
Amiga updates website : Comment 22 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 10-May-2002 12:09 GMT
In reply to Comment 10 (DaveW):
All of the people who left had reasons, all of them left while people like you said that Great things were around the corner, because according to people like you Great things have been just around the corner for a decade or so.
In November 2001 after Eyetech and Hyperion had announced a delay until "the new year" some people on the A1 list left in disgust. They were criticised by those who remained because "What's a couple of months after all these years?". No-one dared say in reply "It won't be a couple of months, more like an extra year" not because no-one was thinking it, but because die-hard Amigans have created a climate where to be skeptical is to become an outcast.
Happiness is the correct setting of expectations. If AInc had announced in 2000 that they were planning to introduce a new PPC Amiga and OS in 2003 then most people would have left the platform, and the remaining die-hards would be happy right now, hearing about how their dreams would imminently come true.
Instead promises were made and broken, people have been left very bitter and there is a lot of residual anger. This makes it hard for AInc to generate good will because a huge number of people have had negative experiences, e.g. imagine this conversation at a PDA software development group.
Boss: Check out this new product, "AmigaAnywhere"
Dev1: Cool, is this going to be ready in our timeframe?
Dev2: What's that? Amiga? You must be joking
Dev3: Didn't they go bankrupt years ago?
Dev2: No, it's a different company, but still...
Dev1: What's the problem?
Dev2: They made me hang around for over a year waiting for a product
Boss: Bankuptcy? A whole year? Our deadline is tight, forget it.
I'll take the obvious question up front. "Don't Microsoft get away with this?"
Yes, obviously NT5 slipped ~1.5 years and was still a big market success after being renamed "Windows 2000" but many people believe that if they been able to keep to their original schedule and deliver the full 'Cairo' feature set on a 64-bit convergence OS in 2000 they would have destroyed the competition. By comparison W2K looked like a necessary but unexciting upgrade. So Microsoft's failures just make a lot more money than most people's :)
Amiga updates website : Comment 23 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Flinx on 10-May-2002 12:14 GMT
Why four different Amiga fonts? The ESCOM version looks still perfect, and the classic font (used for the OS logo) too, but the rest is unprofessional.
Amiga should select one and use it everywhere.
Amiga updates website : Comment 24 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by DaveW on 10-May-2002 12:17 GMT
In reply to Comment 22 (Anonymous):
> All of the people who left had reasons, all of them left while people like you said that Great things were around the corner, because according to people like you Great things have been just around the corner for a decade or so.
What are you talking about?
"people like you" - go take the tablets, or at least take the time to read what I posted here and on every other thread.
Amiga updates website : Comment 25 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Paolo "Mod3m" D'Urso on 10-May-2002 12:46 GMT
In reply to Comment 23 (Flinx):
Right, my boss in the design studio saw the Amiga website while I was looking at it and said the same thing (he don't know what an Amiga is): "why several logos for the same brand? It's senseless!". Ppl at Amiga inc does marketing and design like in '800 :))
Amiga updates website : Comment 26 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 10-May-2002 12:51 GMT
In reply to Comment 14 (gz):
I'm not sure if the Mediaterminal will be marketed outside Sweden (where it has been for six months already). It's basically just a Linux PC built in a set-top-box configuration, with Moz and GNU tools and all that goodness on it.
It's a lovely testbed platform for Nokia engineers trying to figure out what users really want the smart STB to do, but it is very expensive ($900) and it's still not obvious why ordinary users would want one.
Officially Nokia's site still claims this will be available in "selected parts of Europe" some time during 2002 but don't hold your breath, the Amiga announcement was the last thing reported on the STB developer site, despite the fact that an SDK and other tools were promised a long time ago.
Amiga updates website : Comment 27 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 10-May-2002 12:55 GMT
In reply to Comment 24 (DaveW):
You're right, Sorry, don't know who I thought you were, but you certainly aren't one of the eternal Amiga apologists.
Amiga updates website : Comment 28 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Dagon (HELLAS) on 10-May-2002 13:07 GMT
I can`t post messages on the Amiga Forum neither become a member on the memberlist... is this a temporary problem?
Amiga updates website : Comment 29 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Ville Sarell on 10-May-2002 13:29 GMT
It's not all that bad. The information is about there (missing AmigaOne info) and it's reasonably light. I just hope you don't mean by saying "professionally designed pages" that it should be heavy, lotsa flashing sheit, million links everywhere as so on.. ? Or that it should look very clinic, uncolourfull, business-like (like the rest) ? .. ok, I'm overreacting.. but is it only me that this new design feels much better that the old one (which is still being used on corporate page) ??
Amiga updates website : Comment 30 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Björn Hagström on 10-May-2002 13:43 GMT
The site(s) looks just fine to me.
Amiga updates website : Comment 31 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Janne Sirén on 10-May-2002 14:07 GMT
In reply to Comment 22 (Anonymous):
I agree with you.
And concerning the site, the new AmigaOS section is not in fact really that bad in my opinion. It is light, and with better consistency in fonts and replacing those icons with something more consistent and, well, better looking it would do just fine.
But the bigger problem in my opinion - and as many have voiced here - is not that the new AmigaOS site looks bad (obviously it is not completely hopeless, although it has parts such as the icons that do), but that it looks completely different than other Amiga sites. Now they have, what, four sites that all have different kinds of domain names (xx.amiga.com, amigadev.net, amiga-anywhere.com), different colors, looks, different logos, different versions of the boing ball being used etc. Talk about lack of consistency!
Obviously this is not the most serious of issues. I believe the one you pointed out is: The past two years of broken promises have obviously hit Amiga's credibility pretty hard. I wish them well, but regaining that trust where it is lost looks tough. Naturally shipping quality products may help. Hope they do so.
Amiga updates website : Comment 32 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by AlBolone on 10-May-2002 14:11 GMT
Well... I appreciate them making the navigation easier and giving the AmigaOS more importance by their new start page! But I can't repeat my begging often enough that they *please* get a professional for webdesign to do the job!! Coders do code, manager do management, so let do a designer the design! The worst thing about it is that they don't even seem to realize that their design is crappy! Ever wondered why Nintendo or Mircosoft spend so much ressources on the websites to their new game stations? A site has to convince -- in everyway possible! And not just a few retro's that stick with their system for more than 10 years and are happy about any kind of update ... If you want to compete in the business you have to know how to present yourself and your product! Today more than ever before... Just to say "it's exciting" doesn't make it exciting!!
As a pro in design I always jerk up when I end up on the site of Amiga, Inc! I'm ashamed of it and -- honestly -- would never ever recommend the site to anyone else! How could their "newest innovation" AmigaAnywhere® get serious interest, if the first ressource of information amiga-anywhere.com is just a chaotic, buggy site that kills your browser and leaves you puzzled??
My message to Amiga, Inc. with all my best wishes and hopes: Don't underestimate this! If you wanna mess with the pro's -- act like a pro!!
Amiga updates website : Comment 33 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Trizt on 10-May-2002 14:14 GMT
In reply to Comment 14 (gz):
What I have found out about the media box, it's just for Sweden, atleast at the relase time and the only thing thats said about it's programs in the swedish poages was "runing on linux".
No one of the big "partners" mentions Amiga, so I must say I can't think that any of those has any sort of partnership with Amiga Inc. But this is my personal opinion.
Amiga updates website : Comment 34 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Trizt on 10-May-2002 14:17 GMT
In reply to Comment 30 (Björn Hagström):
It's okey looking, brings back memories from the good old days with HTML1.0/1.1, but they could have spent a few more hours with the pictures, to make them look a little bit better, but I guess that was all they managed on their lunch break ;)
Amiga updates website : Comment 35 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Troels Ersking on 10-May-2002 16:02 GMT
In reply to Comment 26 (Anonymous):
The Nokia will be available in Denmark and Norway (and most likely rest of Europe a bit later) aswell during the summer. At least that is what I was told by a Nokia employee 2 weeks ago, so I guess thats true.
He didn't know anything about AmigaDE other than what the pressrelease said, but he thought that Nokia just saw AmigaDE as a (probably) cheap way of adding some more features to the device.
But as he said Nokia doesn't develop something like this just to sell it in Sweden, that won't give a return of their money invested....
Amiga updates website : Comment 36 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Don Cox on 10-May-2002 16:20 GMT
In reply to Comment 32 (AlBolone):
"Well... I appreciate them making the navigation easier and giving the AmigaOS more
importance by their new start page! But I can't repeat my begging often enough that they
*please* get a professional for webdesign to do the job!! "
But where do you find these wonderful "professionals" ?
Lots of big companies pay big bucks and end up with unusable crap like
the Sony sites. This new site does at least load, work, and give
access to information (except on the AA section).
As for "four logos for one brand" - Amiga Inc have some very different
Amiga updates website : Comment 37 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Janne Sirén on 10-May-2002 16:24 GMT
In reply to Comment 35 (Troels Ersking):
Agreed, Nokia will most definitely sell this product in many a place. But the question is: Will it include AmigaDE outside of Sweden? Amiga's announcement covered only Sweden which could mean pretty much anything concerning other countries...
Amiga updates website : Comment 38 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Janne Sirén on 10-May-2002 16:31 GMT
In reply to Comment 36 (Don Cox):
Well, I would still claim that most major corporate sites around the world work a whole lot better than Sony and still look professional. And Sony does look professional, although I have to admit it is not a pleasure to use. Look no further than Amazon, Microsoft, Corbis, IBM and you see sites that are consistent, professional and quite nice to navigate. And there are examples of smaller companies as well.
And the problem with differing Amiga logos is not that they don't have many different products, it's just that the logos are in no way consistent or really reflect this fact. They are just a really mixed bunch with different flavours and styles of the boing ball with no consistency or clear meaning as to why they are different, same goes for the Amiga texts - some of them are almost the same, but not quite.
It certainly looks like very little if any thought went into defining the corporate and product palette images, and that is unfortunate. (And please, I do realize that products are the ones that count first and foremost - lets not go there.) In my humble opinion anyway.
Amiga updates website : Comment 39 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Troels Ersking on 10-May-2002 16:42 GMT
In reply to Comment 37 (Janne Sirén):
Hi Janne..
I don't know if it will have AmigaDE pre-installed outside Sweden, the guy I spoke to didn't know much about AmigDE and was not involved with the launch of the Mediaterminal.
I guess it all comes down to economics, will AmigaDE give it enough added value for the price? I have no idea what Amiga charges Nokia but I can't think it's that much, Amiga needs to get AmigaDE on a lot of devices and earn their money on the software sales to begin with.
Nokia have thought that because it was Linux based a lot of apps would come from that side, that didn't happen (yet..) So maybe they still need AmigaDE, also outside Sweden, I think so...
Amiga updates website : Comment 40 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Bert on 10-May-2002 20:06 GMT
Could it be that the Amiga site is not finisched yet?? They are perhaps making it working in its new format and then for instance change the corporate site to the new style too.
Multiple boing balls.. that's the boing balls they already used before, right?
Amiga updates website : Comment 41 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Björn Hagström on 10-May-2002 20:22 GMT
In reply to Comment 34 (Trizt):
I don't care what standards they use. It looks just fine, and it works.
Amiga updates website : Comment 42 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by KenH on 10-May-2002 21:10 GMT
Wasn't it always the plan to have variations on the main boing ball logo to indicate the type of product(e.g. stainless steel for the high powered desktops ;) or a crayon type one for a kids computer etc) I like the new OS site much better than the corporate...even if there aren't many links on it atm. It's simple and loads fast(unlike the AA site). But a little more consistency would be welcome.
Amiga updates website : Comment 43 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by tinman on 10-May-2002 21:40 GMT
Perhaps in their big old update, they forgot to remove some stuff which is surely wrong: "The AmigaOne is the first new Amiga specified product in over six years. Running the revolutionary new Amiga Digital Environment (DE),"
Apart from that, I think it is OK. The OS section is quite good, although the A1 part doesn't quite sit too well (for example, it uses a menu at the side of the page when no other part does, and the font seems different from the rest of that section of the site).
If I was a punter, I doubt I'd be too pleased with the AmigaAnywhere site. It took 6 mins 46 seconds to completely (well, I still don't have the two animations on the right side) download the font page just now. I may give them the benefit of the doubt and check again later since it looked like I was getting a lot slower connection to their site than others. It also seems a bit too compressed, with a bit too much pointless graphics (what's the use of the 4 purple-ish boxes that the text and pictures are arranged into? Always with the big downloads for the background to the text). Little bits of text saying "Netscape or IE 4 or higher required" - and I'm currently using IE5.5. Overall it seems to be Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen (he's one of those TV home makeover people) getting too close to a computer and wreaking havoc.
Finally - four different boing balls. What's the problem? Four variations on a theme to represent four different areas of the Amiga site.
Amiga updates website : Comment 44 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by gz on 11-May-2002 06:05 GMT
In reply to Comment 21 (Troels Ersking):
I searched from nokia.com and finally used their own search engine to find anything related to amiga from their site. the closest thing to amiga it found was articles and developer announcements of AOL entering into an agreement with nokia.
maybe you could find it better and then perhaps kindly post the url here?
I would very much appreciate this, and I'm very keen reading what is said about amiga's involvement with nokia. :)
Amiga updates website : Comment 45 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Troels Ersking on 11-May-2002 07:28 GMT
In reply to Comment 44 (gz):
I did try to find it again... But Nokia have changed their developer site and neither the mediaterminal or Amiga-anywhere are mentioned there.
The developer site for the Mediaterminal does mention it though. It's not an official Nokia site but a project sponsored by Nokia.
Amiga updates website : Comment 46 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by DaveW on 11-May-2002 08:38 GMT
In reply to Comment 27 (Anonymous):
> You're right, Sorry, don't know who I thought you were, but you certainly aren't one of the eternal Amiga apologists.
Thank you.
<moonlighting mode on>
I do however tend to buy into technology just before it becomes widely available to the general public, thus I do have money down on A1G3 along with over a hundred dealer and developer groups ( order quantities for each group are unknown ). I have bought and developed software on the DE platform which ( the software I have written ) may never see the light of day because there is currently not a large enough distribution cycle or userbase to make sales worthwhile.
Because I dont write games or user productivity software. I write small to large business applications infrastructure software ( as well as assotiated development tooling ) and if A1G3 offers good price/performance for the suite I maintain then I will probably be looking to bundle the hardware/software together as bespoke solutions - either in Linux or native AmigaOS format.
Currently I favour the AmigaOS format because of the tighter coupling of screen control to the user applications and the lower runtime memory footprint that results. Thus the ability to reskin the user interface controls, public screens, varying resolutions and USB connectivity will be important aspects of why I need to evaluate AOS4 and A1G3 sooner rather than later. Hence early adopting.
The fact that A1G3 is being produced by a far eastern manufacturer of which Eyetech is not its only customer adds to its credibility in my eyes. I could not bet my busines ventures on top of PPC add on cards. If its a TeronCx well good. It means that if A1G3 goes tits up ( unlikely at the mo ) I can still source boards in quantity if the evaluation goes well.
Will I be selling to the traditional Amiga userbase? Well I wont exclude anyone if they think they want a copy or a resellers solution package. Because I dont see myself relying on the existing userbase I see no reason to be an apologist, its just a matter of balancing business risks to me.
Will I be competing with ACM? I dont know yet and that worries me. There may be an opportunity for some reengineering but until DE gets targgetted for some more powerful hardware it is less attractive to me other than as a client access device that may be of use to field operatives on the move.
Yes I currently have PC based software tooling but the main problem is the myriad of hardware alternatives as well as the unsuitability of the Windows platform to act as either a very thin client or a mid range operating system at a reasonable price/maintenance point. The ability to change roles is also limited.
The Linux world is still too unstable and the top end IBM world where I get the support, stability and OS credibility that is required the solutions are too expensive for my target market.
At the moment, AOS4.x and A1G3, on paper, seem like an excellent business proposition for a killer business productivity suite. On a dual 300Mhz RS6k the suite flies, on Win2K on a 1400 AMD it just about keeps up. Those clients that were hoping to get much greater performance out of Win2K coupled to higher end AMD kit were dissapointed. The 2CPU licenses for businesses is quite excessive too.
The overall price/performance ratio I get out of well engineered PPC based systems running on big-endian is superior as of now. If AmigaOS coupled with A1G3 continues that run I can spend even more on tighter integration of the suite with the OS and get better value out of the solutions package.
My concern? Memory protection.
Because my income does not rely on this in the slightest I can afford the wait. Others could not and they made their choices. As a home OS AmigaOS3.x leaves much to be desired. Heres looking forward to the improvements.
<moonlighting mode off>
Amiga updates website : Comment 47 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Ian Shurmer on 11-May-2002 11:48 GMT
In reply to Comment 33 (Trizt):
I went into my local Bennetts store in Norwich, UK and they're selling Nokia Mediasomething boxes for about 130 quid if i remember correctly. Dunno if they're the same thing, but theres no mention of Amiga on the box anyway....
Amiga updates website : Comment 48 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by DaveW on 11-May-2002 13:18 GMT
In reply to Comment 47 (Ian Shurmer):
I used to live near Norwich, wheres the Bennetts? Is that the name of the store that was part of the John Lewis partnership - its been about a decade!
Amiga updates website : Comment 49 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by Gingerbread Man on 11-May-2002 17:11 GMT
Listen up, children.
The U.S. has been in a recession which was made worse by the events of 9/11. A company that is a partner one day may change their minds the next. We live in an ever changing world in which new information is a constant stream. Consequently, plans have to be adjusted. Any one individual has a limited sphere of influence. The rest of the world is out his control.
Am I disappointed that AmigaOne and OS4 have not reached the market yet? Sure I am!
Am I disgusted with AmigaInc? HELL NO!!
Bill McEwen never claimed to have a magic wand with which to make all my dreams come true. What he is doing is hard work and it's risky. It takes a lot of guts and self confidence to do what he is doing. Do you have what it takes?
Are we there yet Papa Smurf? The cold harsh reality is that we may be there soon or we may NEVER get there. If you didn't realize this from the beginning then realize it now and take it to heart.
If you can't wait for an indefinite period of time then don't.
Amiga updates website : Comment 50 of 50ANN.lu
Posted by KenH on 11-May-2002 20:52 GMT
In reply to Comment 49 (Gingerbread Man):
Wot? No magic wand? I was bleedin banking on that. Surely one of his Executive Updates could have alluded to that. Oh well ta ta now.
>Bill McEwen never claimed to have a magic wand with which to make all my dreams come true. What he is doing is hard work and it's risky. It takes a lot of guts and self confidence to do what he is doing. Do you have what it takes?
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