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[News] New photos of AmigaMania13 June French MeetingANN.lu
Posted on 11-Jul-2002 18:20 GMT by Stephane Marrec54 comments
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Here are more photos of the meeting ArtBastringue/AmigaMania in Toulouse (FRANCE) June 22-23 2002 .

- Photos of an "AmigaOne SE" running LinuxPPC, - Photos of the new "AmigaOne XE" showed by Alan Redhouse (Eyetech) during the conférence - Photos of "cristO classic" high end tower case from Naya Design. - Various photos of well known french Amiga users (Professionals and normal users) - and more... :)
Gallery 1 AmigaMania13_1
Gallery 2 AmigaMania13_2

Unfortunely no comment for each photos is available. You can find the other photos about that meeting, at the French Amiga Association "AFLE" web site:
AmigaMania13 AFLE

Other infos about organization and program of that weekend:
AmigaMania13 info

And various infos on past news:

New photos of AmigaMania13 June French Meeting : Comment 51 of 54ANN.lu
Posted by Donovan Reeve on 13-Jul-2002 19:21 GMT
In reply to Comment 22 (Anonymous):
Maybe they enjoy showing off what they have been working on like most
human beings. A lot of us DO think it's Amiga related. If you don't wish
to look at it that way that's your business, buy quit presuming to speak
for the rest of us. We have our own minds and our own ideas, each of us
and we will speak for ourselves. If you must be pessimistic and negative
all the time then I am sorry for you, because you truely must not have
much of a life.
Personally, I think things are looking up! I have 5 Amigas, one Athlon
900/pc133 based Linux machine, and one Athlon XP1800/DDR266 NForce based
windoze XP-Pro based machine so I have an easy time directly comparing the
various hardware and software. Linux is fun and versitile, but lots of
work. You can do almost anything if you have nothing else to do.
Windows XP-Pro is very nice, and very easy, but you can only do what MS
wants you to do, you are treated like a little kid or a servent. As long
as you want to do what they want you to do life is easy, otherwise you
are just beating your head against the wall. We NEED Amiga OS to continue.
It is the only OS catering to the computer hobbiest which is fairly efficient
and easy but still quite accessible. I will always use all three: Windoz
when I want to be brain-dead and doze. Linux when I have the desire, time,
and energy to be really down and dirty and independant. Amiga for the
most commonly occuring times when I want the best of both worlds.
Donovan Reeve (bubby@inebraska.com)
New photos of AmigaMania13 June French Meeting : Comment 52 of 54ANN.lu
Posted by Nomad of Norad on 14-Jul-2002 02:23 GMT
In reply to Comment 50 (Tony Gore):
Thanks for the URL, I've bookmarked it.
They do indeed have a transparent case, but it's not quite the same one I was looking at in the picture gallary. They DO have a nice case called the Black Ice Cubed that would be perfect for a file server, though. THAT one turns heads! :-)
New photos of AmigaMania13 June French Meeting : Comment 53 of 54ANN.lu
Posted by anarchic_teapot on 14-Jul-2002 08:23 GMT
In reply to Comment 48 (Andreas Wolf):
Andreas Wolf wrote:
>> Terons are evaluation boards, to be used as a basis for creating your own POP
>> solution; you couldn't just sell them as-is, there'd be too many missing
>> functions.
>Interesting, as these are the boards Eyetech are going to distribute in
>Europe according to http://www.mai.com/news&events/PressRelease070902_2.html.
Please read carefully the following sentence taken from the webpage you cite:
"The high efficiency and mature, designed-in, multitasking capabilities of the Amiga OS means the new AmigaOne based on the Teron CX/ PX's hardware architecture will deliver new levels of user responsiveness far greater than that of equivalently priced Wintel or Macintosh computers."
Reflect on the meaning of the words "based on" in the given context. Do not write on both sides of the paper at once. Extra marks wll be given for neatness and clarity, whereas marks will be deducted for poor spelling or grammar.
New photos of AmigaMania13 June French Meeting : Comment 54 of 54ANN.lu
Posted by Andreas Wolf on 15-Jul-2002 17:08 GMT
In reply to Comment 53 (anarchic_teapot):
How does your quotation contradict my statement?
"Mai Logic Incorporated [...] today announced an agreement with Eyetech Group Ltd. to distribute the Teron CX and PX development systems in Europe, and to distribute production systems based on the Teron CX and PX designs to the Amiga market worldwide."
Anonymous, there are 54 items in your selection (but only 4 shown due to limitation) [1 - 50] [51 - 54]
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