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Posted on 14-Jul-2002 23:19 GMT by Budda2 comments
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There's some preview pics from Rainboot4 over at the website showing off how you can now use it as a proper multimedia authoring tool, even for gfx cards! A potentially cool tool for people! A short overview of the programs features is available here thanks to Czech Amiga News website.
Rainboot 4 preview : Comment 1 of 2ANN.lu
Posted by Peter Gordon on 15-Jul-2002 09:47 GMT
Looks pretty cool, actually :)
Also, there is an english version on the site, simply replace "/de/" in the url with "/en/".
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Posted by Rob on 16-Jul-2002 22:29 GMT
I think its absolutely amazing!
New multimedia authoring software is on the horizon and it hardly
seems to generate any discussion.
It's good to see that new projects are being undertaken for the Amiga.
The decision to produce versions for both OS4 and Morph is always
If all developers followed this route, then the end user could be
more confident about choice of OS and hardware platform. Also, if all
versions are provided on the same Disc then the user shouldn't have to
lose out in the case of their OS of choice fails to become popular.
Anyhow I hope this promising piece of software gets the exposure and
support that it deserves.
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