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[News] AACE PromotionANN.lu
Posted on 20-Jul-2002 22:03 GMT by NoBeForMe12 comments
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"There will be an exciting promotion/contest that we will be announcing later in the week with regards to AACE and the Entertainment Packs. We assure you, this will be a great deal of fun, and we look forward to introducing Amiga to several new customers who are currently using PocketPC and PocketPC Phone Edition devices." Bill McEwen wrote that a little while ago.
Can anyone tell us just how exciting the promotion/contest was ? Did any ANN readers take part ? It sounds as though it must have been fun, maybe someone has photos ?
AACE Promotion : Comment 1 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by Lando / Trinity on 20-Jul-2002 21:24 GMT
Great news!
Finally the Amiga has a parent company who is making progress :)
AACE Promotion : Comment 2 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by Lando / Trinity on 20-Jul-2002 21:29 GMT
Well, it hasn't happened yet of course
Im quite sure that, if they had run this
promotion already then we'd know about it.
Amiga Inc. are probably getting the AmigaOne/OS4
promotion out of the way before embarking on
another one :)
I for one am very excited about the direction Amiga Inc
seem to be taking. Thanks to Bill and Fleecy for all
of their hard work.
AACE Promotion : Comment 3 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by Ryu on 20-Jul-2002 22:13 GMT
In reply to Comment 2 (Lando / Trinity):
AACE Promotion : Comment 4 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by cOrpse on 20-Jul-2002 22:53 GMT
Amiga needs to chuck alot of this *fun* stuff at people , it gets people interested. Maybe they should also get a sponsored link on Google so when people search PDA , Pocket PC etc they get informed of a rather interesting tech. coming to these markets/devices ... I don't see why thendic don't get a DE license for their pocket Peg too :)
AACE Promotion : Comment 5 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by Kronos on 21-Jul-2002 06:21 GMT
In reply to Comment 4 (cOrpse):
DE doesn't run on LinuxPPC
DE doesn't run on MorphOS
DE doesn't run on AmigaOS
DE doesn't run on MacOS
You were making a joke ?
AACE Promotion : Comment 6 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 21-Jul-2002 07:46 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (Kronos):
KungFuGirlDan3 says .. Anyone here Bought The $50 Coupon from AmigaInc?
aig says, edge: nah, still wouldn't have a clue. . .
desade666 says, a prude, for a standard pleasure unit...
wind_spiritdancer agrees with edge-op
EEproms_Galore says, lol yeah jeez i hate Pepsi adds
guardian_sentry says, eeproms_galore she is a good singer. Most are until the record companies start screwing them around
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, KungFu: Fuck no. What a ripoff.
KungFuGirlDan3 says, ?????????
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, KungFu: Amiga OS is a piece of old shit, being rewrapped.
f3ew says, Linux_Alien, you weren't using CLI?
silaig says, Once it was a piece of new shit, being rewrapped (TripOS)
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, KungFu: I can get a cheaper PowerPC m/b and run Linux on it and it can do more than the AmigaOne and for less too.
KungFuGirlDan3 says, Sorry Sir .... Amiga OS 4.0 Is a complete rewrite into PPC native
edge-op says, guardian, they just have them record lots of buzzwords, feed those to the vb script and they can make dozens of cds from a one-hour session.
EEproms_Galore says, amiga lol shit they still around
gen2kungfoo is back.
haneefadil enters
gen2kungfoo says, oy!
f3ew leaves
Linux_Alien says, f3w, karchiver should have handled it, but it didn't, lord knows why, it uses the same unrar package
guardian_sentry says, lol
foxman_xp says, i just hate pepsi straight other than the cherry because we don't have that in coke
EEproms_Galore says, amiga OS the best forgoten OS on the planet earth
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, KungFu: a lot of it has not been rewritten. Most of it is a straight port.
f3ew enters
f3ew says, scrolling test
Linux_Alien says, have handled it, but it didn't, lord knows
Linux_Alien says, , it uses the same unrar package
Linux_Alien says, ack
f3ew says, hmmm
KungFuGirlDan3 says, "I Am Amiga" Club Membership/Promotion Status 838 memberships/coupons sold
haneefadil leaves
desade666 says, vanilla coke, only reminds me that it is indeed not stoli
f3ew says, just crashed
EEproms_Galore says, why would you pay for Amiga OS when Linux has more software and its free
wind_spiritdancer prefers pepsi over coke. dr pepper or dew over pepsi
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, EE: Exactly.
f3ew prefers black coffee
f3ew or water
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, Kunda: AmigaOne and amiga OS is too little too late.
Linux_Alien says, <- will bbl :)
wind_spiritdancer loves water
Linux_Alien leaves
wind_spiritdancer says, 'c' ya LA
desade666 says, i prefer gin and ginger-ale...refreshing and it gets you to where you want to be
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, Kunda: You can do better with AmiAthlon even.
EEproms_Galore says, yeah Linux is now and its going places Amiga OS is an old record that no ones intrested in playing again
foxman_xp says, lol @ 666 bring back the cherry!!
KungFuGirlDan3 says, Incidently ... Where a re you gonna get a PPC Mobo for less than $3000 ???? AmigaOne/Pegasos will only cost you £350 with a processor
LinuxKnight2000 enters
LinuxKnight2000 says, Hi
edge-op says, bah humbug
LinuxKnight2000 says, I Got Curphoo And Linux On My Fast Machine...Yey!
KungFuGirlDan3 says, unless you get a Mac
silaig says, The Spirit of Christmas Past, edge?
wind_spiritdancer says, hey lk, sup
archaic_electronics leaves
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, Kung: You can get a Mac for under $3K.
foxman_xp says, gin and gingerbeer kicks some hard core buttox as well
wind_spiritdancer says, linuxknight: gfu
EEproms_Galore says, kung> Linux and an XP1800 for US$450 now
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, Kung: A whole freaking Mac.
silaig says, Sheeit. I still gotta move a UPS and a server I was gonna shift this morning. . .
edge-op says, silaig, that old fart stole that story idea from me, i'm glad he's dead!
twohearts_5 enters
KungFuGirlDan3 says, DFo you REALLY want wanky X86??
silaig says, What the dickens?
edge-op says, yeah
LinuxKnight2000 says, im ojn it
desade666 says, allright, this conversation bores me...later all
edge-op says, he's the culprit
frunkster enters
desade666 leaves
LinuxKnight2000 says, *on it
EEproms_Galore says, kunk. Linux runs on PPC and 64 bit RISC
KungFuGirlDan3 says, Love them hacker/Virus/ general dickheads
LinuxKnight2000 says, hey edge!
silaig says, It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. . . .
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, Kung: X86 is kicking the shit out of PowerPC and for less right now.
LinuxKnight2000 says, i need help with wine
KungFuGirlDan3 says, all for x86
susobhan_das enters
LinuxKnight2000 says, it fucks over
edge-op says, hi linuxknight2000 i don't use wine
guardian_sentry says, lol
LinuxKnight2000 says, the setup files and stuff screw up
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, Kung: Even Apple wants out of PPC and into Intel.
silaig says, Yeah. Gimme an ES/9000 G5 with 24 processors. . .
wind_spiritdancer just watches the room
KungFuGirlDan3 says, go x86 and get the lot Ha Ha
guardian_sentry says, Ahhh, you got yourself outta that one pretty quick edge
guardian_sentry says, `date` ===>
guardian_sentry says, Sun Jul 21 09:38:12 GMT 2002
f3ew says, If I had the budget to buy a Mac, I would be buying Sparcs
f3ew says, heh@ wind_spiritdancer
LinuxKnight2000 says, lol
wind_spiritdancer says,
KungFuGirlDan3 says, wrong..... Stevie dickhead sez they are very happy with the PPC roadmap
silaig says, Sorry, I meant eServer zSeries G5 with 24 processors. . . .
EEproms_Galore says, kung. also Linux runs on the new IBM dual core Power4 and thats very fast
twohearts_5 leaves
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, f3ew: You can get a Blade for about 1K same as a PeeCee.
edge-op says, guardian, i've used wine to see if m$ solitaire would work because a lady at a local business said that was the one thing she missed when i switched her to linux.
f3ew says, dreadpiraterobertsjr, not here
f3ew says, not the kinda config I want
foxman_xp says, hay pd_leadership is out again love that mag
inimcus enters
f3ew says, (I am speaking for personal use workstation type thingy)
EEproms_Galore says, yeah you can also buy a none apple PPC G4 machine now with Linux on it cheap
dreadpiraterobertsjr says, f3ew: Hehehe. Well, you can't compare apples to oranges then.
Post from the Linux rooms on Cheetachat
AACE Promotion : Comment 7 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by Lando / Trinity on 21-Jul-2002 11:57 GMT
In reply to Comment 6 (Anonymous):
Errr.. great, thanks!
(You sure you posted this to the right thread?)
AACE Promotion : Comment 8 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by cOrpse on 21-Jul-2002 13:24 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (Kronos):
If you tried to knock amiga down less kronos people might take you seriously.
At the moment your a mos troll with no ppc , which is a right laugh if you look at it
AACE Promotion : Comment 9 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by Alkis Tsapanidis on 22-Jul-2002 08:43 GMT
In reply to Comment 4 (cOrpse):
Cause they had a licence for an older handheld they made(licenced?) but they
never got DE from Amiga Inc.
AACE Promotion : Comment 10 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by Alkis Tsapanidis on 22-Jul-2002 08:51 GMT
> dreadpiraterobertsjr says, KungFu: a lot of it has not been rewritten. Most
> of it is a straight port.
Mmmm, a "smart" guy. Hmm, why doesn't he teach us how to do a straight port of
something written in 68k ASM and tied in a specific hardware architecture to
PPC :)
AACE Promotion : Comment 11 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 22-Jul-2002 12:24 GMT
In reply to Comment 10 (Alkis Tsapanidis):
Get onto CheetaChat and "sort im out then". My Daughter is KungFuGirlDan3...
She's not that technically minded to launch a successful challenge to his comments!!
(He'd run rings round her ..& probably me too)
AACE Promotion : Comment 12 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by Kjetil on 23-Jul-2002 14:10 GMT
In reply to Comment 6 (Anonymous):
This makes me wonder way any one likes to be on IRC,
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