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Posted on 31-Jul-2002 20:40 GMT by Lukas Stehlik3 comments
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AmiGOD2 BETA 22.07.2002

The first release of AmiGOD2 developed in PowerD v0.19 (by Martin Kuchynka) for future support of CGX, Warp3D, PowerPC and AmigaOS4. Hardware identification is not implemeted yet. Benchmark - 7 math and 10 graphics tests.

More info : AmiGOD2 Homepage

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Posted by Lukas Stehlik on 01-Aug-2002 20:25 GMT
Yeaaah! AmiGOD 2 BETA 01.08.2002 released now!
Incl. hardware identification and improved design of main window.
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Posted by HammerD on 01-Aug-2002 23:16 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (Lukas Stehlik):
Sounds good :) I will check it out!
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Posted by StAn on 02-Aug-2002 16:28 GMT
How is developping with PowerD like ?
Is the compiler full of bugs ?
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