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[Web] GFX-BASE: Interview Nicolas Ramz (Nogfx) and WB-screenshot competitionANN.lu
Posted on 19-Aug-2002 20:38 GMT by NARR
Another GFX-BASE interview: This time with Nicolas Ramz (Nogfx), the developer of MuiFind, FlashNG, ScummVM 68k and other interesting Amiga applications. In this interview we were especially interested in NoGFX' latest release, MUIFind, which is a handy search tool for AmigaOS. We were also talking about the Arkanoid clone FlashNG and the development of his StrICQ version and more. Read it here. Regarding our new Wb screenshot competition read more... We also have a WB-screenshot competition in which we give out Earth 2140 or WipeOut 2097 for the 1st place and thanx to Funtime World and Amiga Arena we are allowed to give away a second price aswell. For more details and our rules read here
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