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[Web] LITE-ON CDRW Amiga ReviewANN.lu
Posted on 31-Aug-2002 14:21 GMT by Dave8 comments
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SWAUG SURF-ZONE (www.swaug.org.uk) has placed a review of the Lite-On 40x12x48x CD-Rewriter in the Support section of the website.

Go here for the review The CDRW drive is Burnproof and has been reviewed with the MakeCD package. If you were thinking about a CD-Rewriter drive check it out!

LITE-ON CDRW Amiga Review : Comment 1 of 8ANN.lu
Posted by Rafo on 31-Aug-2002 13:13 GMT
Does this review mean the CD-R Writer can't burn 700MB discs ? I really doubt that.
LITE-ON CDRW Amiga Review : Comment 2 of 8ANN.lu
Posted by Dave on 31-Aug-2002 15:09 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (Rafo):
Well the drive says it only supports 650Mb and doesnt do overburn but
the Lite-on website says that it can
So I'm unsure..
LITE-ON CDRW Amiga Review : Comment 3 of 8ANN.lu
Posted by Ole-Egil on 31-Aug-2002 15:59 GMT
On the other hand, a 68040 managing 22x seems rather nice, since I've seen my 2.2G P4 run out of buffer more than once under Linux at 20x. Real time beats fairness VERY time, it seems. Of course, I should really be using more than 4MB buffer on 20x, but 9 times out of 10 it's enough. Oh well. 63.7 % of all statistics is made up on the fly as well, I guess...
LITE-ON CDRW Amiga Review : Comment 4 of 8ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 01-Sep-2002 05:55 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (Ole-Egil):
Huh? We use a 450MHz Celery to burn CDs on the Lite-On at 32x w/cdrecord(*) and have never had any problems (never had the BURN PROOF kick in). That Celery also runs the USB ADSL "stingray" and provides digital TV service to our living room, so it's not as though the Celery is idle...
Maybe you have I/O throughput problems? Recording ISOs full of small files "on the fly" maybe ? Running something very disk hungry at the same time ? The CPU is practically irrelevant, our last CD burner was a P60, substantially slower on an even field than some Amigas in use today.
This is not a flame Ole, I'm genuinely interested in why you're getting such poor performance from your Linux CD recording setup.
LITE-ON CDRW Amiga Review : Comment 5 of 8ANN.lu
Posted by Crumb // AAT on 01-Sep-2002 09:11 GMT
What speed would somebody expect from a fast CD Writer with buffer underun protection connected to the standard A1200 IDE (let's say the A1200 has a 040/40 or 060/50)? Someone has tried it? I guess it would be possible to achieve 8x speeds...
LITE-ON CDRW Amiga Review : Comment 6 of 8ANN.lu
Posted by Matthew on 01-Sep-2002 09:41 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (Crumb // AAT):
I reckon that a bog standard A1200 IDE interface gives out about 1.5
Meg / sec so you can expect about 2x to 4x writing speed with a fast
LITE-ON CDRW Amiga Review : Comment 7 of 8ANN.lu
Posted by coldfire on 01-Sep-2002 12:22 GMT
In reply to Comment 6 (Matthew):
So it's really down to the IDE controller then? I notice they were using a powerflyer controller in the review. Is there a faster IDE controller available for the amiga? Maybe on the mediator board?
LITE-ON CDRW Amiga Review : Comment 8 of 8ANN.lu
Posted by Darren Tomlyn on 02-Sep-2002 10:04 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (Rafo):
certainly this drive can burn 700mb disks - I should know 'cuz I got one for my birthday a couple of weeks ago...:-) On a AMD K6-2 350 w/ 128MB RAM it takes 7mins to cut a disk at 40x... Had no problems with it so far...
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