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[Files] Poseidon USB Update 1.30ANN.lu
Posted on 23-Sep-2002 23:43 GMT by Chris Hodges
After weeks of hard work (hehe), there's a new version of Poseidon available. Download it here. I've finished a new update. Not everything I intended to do was completed for this version, but as I'm off for doing university stuff this week, I just thought I might release it anyway.

Users, who registered Poseidon (this is mainly for Mediator/Spider users), will need this update due to a stupid mistake inside the licence code in V1.28, removing the keyfile from the configuration after pressing Online. But now the more important stuff: This version includes lots of bugfixes. Evil and minor ones. Overall, the system should get more stable.

Trident has been updated. It now has some more niffy buttons, one of them allows to change global class settings (which currently only the bootkeyboard class supports). Even nicer is the support for binding configurations. That means that (if the class supports it), you can save settings for each device or even each interface. This is done with the new 'Settings' button, currently available for mass storage devices. So finally you can disable FAT automounting, change the name of the partition, set the buffers and much more.

MorphOS binaries have been updated, too, and now the ELF version of the PenCamTool is included, which is mindboggingly fast.

If you're missing some options, don't hesitate to ask. I'll be back in (hopefully) one week. Remember to send full PsdDevLister and PsdErrorLog when reporting bugs ;)

Complete changelog is in the readme.

Best regards
Chris Hodges

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