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[News] Ben Fuller has passed away.ANN.lu
Posted on 23-Sep-2002 23:47 GMT by Frank Brockway10 comments
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This news came via the Studio 16 mailing list. I have some sad news. Ben Fuller, an early Amiga developer who worked on several high- profile Amiga programs, passed away last Wednesday (September 11th, 2002). Ben was a core contributor to Studio 16, the audio software for SunRise Industries' hardware and the SoundSwitch audio switcher for the Toaster, but he also wrote Project D (disk copier) worked on Final Copy (word processing) and contributed to at least a few other products out there (Who Framed Rodger Rabbit? comes to mind). He also was a key developer for several groundbreaking non-Amiga products, notably Macromedia Dreamweaver, and ReplayTV (TiVo-like hard disk recorder). Ben was an incredible developer who really loved the Amiga, and Windows (hey, you can love both) and the quality of the products he produced is a tribute to his incredible vision and dedication. We'll miss him. -Doug
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Posted by lakeside on 24-Sep-2002 03:43 GMT
I didn’t know Ben personally but I knew and used many of his programs over the years. At this time I would like to offer my condolences to his family and friends.
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Posted by Ben Yoris on 24-Sep-2002 05:31 GMT
May he rest in peace.
I used Final Copy for the first version of our french fanzine.
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Posted by JoannaK on 24-Sep-2002 06:33 GMT
I'm saddened to hear this. I have never met him personally but seen and used so many his works during years.
I was active user of Sunrise DSP cards on those earlier days, really first clss product both hardware and software. And Dreamweaver, one of my faw tools all the time, excellent tool that help you do work but does not mess it up.
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Posted by DaveInVA on 24-Sep-2002 10:23 GMT
I knew Ben personally back in the Project D days when he lived in AZ but lost track of him....He was a great developer and a nice guy to boot, he will be missed...
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Posted by alan buxey on 24-Sep-2002 11:50 GMT
sad news indeed. I use several of his programs on my Amiga. My thoughts
are with his relatives and closest friends at their time of need.
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Posted by CD32freak on 24-Sep-2002 13:40 GMT
Rest in peace with Jay Miner :-(
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Posted by Michael Taylor on 24-Sep-2002 17:54 GMT
Rest in Peace, As you're gone to a better place now. Your work was enjoyed by
many people. Awesome way to know...with your name Known. :)
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Posted by gz on 24-Sep-2002 20:42 GMT
may he continue to live on in his programs
my respects
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Posted by Raffaele on 24-Sep-2002 23:16 GMT
I had never heard of him since now.
All my respects for his job related to Amiga.
Rest in Peace Ben.
Riposa in pace.
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Posted by Harv on 26-Sep-2002 21:19 GMT
Here's a forum (try not to mind the weird colors too much) with a lot of comments about Ben Fuller, including one by his Dad Glenn Fuller::
I knew Ben all the way back to his "Project D" days, and considering he passed away earlier this month at only 33, he must have been a young teenager back then, but always had a smile, and we had some good conversations.. a highly intelligent, friendly guy..
R.I.P. Ben :( ..
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