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[Files] AmiBlitz2 / Blitz2000 updateANN.lu
Posted on 29-Sep-2002 22:35 GMT by David McMinn1 comments
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The latest public beta version of AmiBlitz2 has been released, along with some other updated archives on the Blitz2000 homepage. AmiBlitz2 is the name for the free version of Blitz Basic 2, a powerful basic programming language for the Amiga. This new beta version has fixes to the optimiser (bug fixes, faster and smaller code produced) along with some other speedups. A beta version of the updated editor is also provided.

The AmiBlitz2 distributions on the Blitz2000 site have been updated to include a new resident file (used for programming using OS structures). This new file contains the correctly named structures and also the ones which previous had underscores so any previously written Blitz code will compile without hassle. The resident file is also available as a separate download.

AmiBlitz2 / Blitz2000 update : Comment 1 of 1ANN.lu
Posted by amigo on 30-Sep-2002 22:26 GMT
great :) im always happy to see amiblitz updated :)
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