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Posted on 03-Oct-2002 17:06 GMT by pixie7 comments
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I found this page accidentally while furiously browsing about Amiga related stories! And as I never found it before, and being I such avid for Amiga news, I assume that some of you wouldn't know it either... so enjoy it and share with others your thoughts! An online database that collects ideas, comments and wishes of the users. The contents can be freely consulted as long as every programmer reports what idea he's working on and how the development progresses. P.S-I'm in no way related with owners of that site pixie-writing from a paradise called Portugal! Enjoy the rain! ;b
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Posted by SlimJim on 03-Oct-2002 15:31 GMT
Actually a very interesting idea. Too bad it's practically unheard of (to me anyways)...
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Posted by Teemu I. Yliselš on 03-Oct-2002 16:50 GMT
I remember this site. Actually, it was quite well known some years ago. I think it was featured in some print mags as well. Dunno if any of those ideas posted ever came to fruition, though.
A neat concept! : Comment 3 of 7ANN.lu
Posted by Ian on 03-Oct-2002 19:11 GMT
ISTR this from a while back. Good idea, but I can't get the ideas tree
thing to work.
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Posted by Anonymous on 03-Oct-2002 19:15 GMT
The most important matter is money/capital and userbase. Without promotion and advertisement, Amiga userbase will not grow and will continue to shrink.
Without large userbase, investor/software companies will not develop software for Amiga market.
Another problem: licensing, lawsuit etc. If the software is finished and succesful, the authors of software modules may ask for payment. With GPL, the commercial software company must reveal its source code/secrets.
At present Amiga Inc have legal problems with Amithlon. There is a lack of promotion / advertisement on AmigaDE / AA. AmigaOS cann't run on top of the widely available Apple Macintosh hardware.
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Posted by Quantum-3 on 03-Oct-2002 19:50 GMT
In reply to Comment 4 (Anonymous):
Amiga Inc. don't have legal problems with Amithlon. They have legal problems with H&P who never signed the Amiga Inc. IP licencing agreements and never paid royalties.
The auther of Amithlon then went out and obtained the licences directly from Amiga Inc. himself.
Unfortunatly there appears to be an effort on H&P and others in Germany to block the release of a new product based on what was previously known as Amithlon. H&P refuse to acknowledge anything other than to say everything is honkydory and there is no contract/licence issues. This flys in the face of statements made by both Amiga Inc and Amithlon's author. They appear to basicly ignoring the rest of the world.
Cheers :-)
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Posted by m0ns00n on 04-Oct-2002 05:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (Quantum-3):
I actually wanted to create something like this in 1998. Me, woober and thundercat had a talk on a bar about it, making a database of code, graphics, music etc for developers so that starting a new project wouldn't be such a hazzard. Back then I didn't have any programming skills past Amos and DOS scripts, so I did not know how to build such a site, taking into account the lack of dynamic site development trends back then. In addition, free web hosts supporting server side scripting was hard to come by.
I am very pleased to see that somebody actually thought the same, and I guess it must have been a dream of many to see such a project work. But I think it is a bit too late now, as the MOST important fact that remains is that we do not have stable hardware any more. Perhaps somebody wants to make such a database site reality when the AmigaOne/Pegasos comes into play. Another thought is AROS, but they still need to decide what future they want. I have the notion that after some discussions privately, they will solve their problems and progress into making a truly wonderful alternative.
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Posted by Johan Forsberg on 04-Oct-2002 18:51 GMT
Like several other people on this thread, I also had this idea circa 1997.
Now, it has been implemented in a very good way even us sorry Amiga developers could benefit from: http://www.sourceforge.net . A web site totally dedicated to software development projects, on any platform. Progress reports, file sharing, CVS, bug reports...
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