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[Web] Amiga Arena Interview with Achim StegemannANN.lu
Posted on 21-Oct-2002 16:39 GMT by Amiga Arena1 comments
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Amiga Arena Interview wit Achim Stegemann Achim Stegemann developer of Digital Almanac talked in the Amiga Arena Interview about the new Chess programm "AmiChess" and the forthcoming Version 4.9 of Digital Almanac. Read some more information about Digital Almanac IV for Amiga OS 4.x! You can read the Interview on http://www.online-club.de/~ARENA/interviews.html
Amiga Arena Interview with Achim Stegemann : Comment 1 of 1ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 21-Oct-2002 18:51 GMT
Nice to see a man who can be satisfied with only 120 people using his program (although it's a niche progam). Didn't think people like him existed anymore:-)
I liked his comparison between the Amiga and the Opel Manta, both are very dated now.
Even though he doesn't believe in a succesfull comeback he should respect that we are quite a lot of people waiting for the new OS4 (or to use his example the Opel Signum or whatever Opels forthcoming topmodel is called).
Commercially the Amiga is dead (or VERY close to) but that doesn't hold us from using our Amiga computers does it? Many people (even old Amiga users , now using PC's) are just waiting for the A1 to arrive, meanwhile we use what we got and are probably quite happy with it.
I am not unrealistic, thinking everything will be like '89 again but I believe the Amiga market will grow and create the basis for a small niche system.
Anonymous, there are 1 items in your selection
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