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[News] An update from Thendic France!ANN.lu
Posted on 05-Nov-2002 21:12 GMT by Alkis Tsapanidis11 comments
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These was an update on MorphOS-News.de. We really appreciate being so postively and constructively welcomed
in the UK this past weekend. The feedback has been helpful and
significant. Our complements to the WOASE Show organizers. We were
very pleased to participate. Great work! Thanks to all of you.

You will be seeing here shortly a statement about what MorphOS is
and what it will be soon and in the future. You will also have
information about the first four Pegasos bundle packages: the
VideoMicrowave, the Developer Suite, the "Pega-shush" and the Games
package. The VideoMicrowave is an evolutionary step ahead
from another "appliance" well-known to this community.
The Development Suite is what you would expect it is for applications
to be developed for the Pegasos, the eclipsis, and the
Pegasos server stack. The Pega-shush is a 24/7 home server that
sits with the other home entertainment equipment with built
in 802.11b network card and the Games package is just a
good deal on some great games. Please watch this site for details.

On 16 November we will be in Poland for another show. See
www.pegasos.pl for details. We will have the same set-up as we did
last weekend, just more machines for everyone to try and test. We
will have a new ISO release just before the Show, so you will see a
few more new things. We will also be showing the Pegasos wireless
camera for the first time with the viewing software
running on an iPaq (just a temporary solution until the
eclipsis prototype is ready).

If all that sounds good and if you think you have seen us do
something yet, just wait for Aachen. Information can be found here:
www.amiga-messe.de. We are moving our Betatester Conference to the
same weekend. If you are a Betatester, you are eligible to attend
at our expense -- please send us an email to let
us know what you can do to advance the platform.

Also, we will be bringing our collection of "old" computers,
including the C16, C116, 8032 and 128 -- plus VIC 20s (UK and
German editions), and the A500, A600, etc. and a lot more (and all working). But, best of all we will have something "new" too. We
will have 50 Pegasos machines ready to be tested by all comers!

Thanks again to the WOASE organizers and get ready Poland, here we come!

An update from Thendic France! : Comment 1 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by OcineL on 05-Nov-2002 20:25 GMT
Wow !
What a nice info!
Amiga mese will be The event.
Morphos Vs AmigaOS4, in the same place.
I hope to see the conclusion of years and years of waiting!
An update from Thendic France! : Comment 2 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by strobe on 05-Nov-2002 20:45 GMT
Indeed, but if AmigaOS4 is demonstrated (and we're talking workbench, not just Exec) I would expect to see it on CSPPCs, not A1s.
I'm *still* waiting for some technically savvy people to review the technology under the bonnet.
An update from Thendic France! : Comment 3 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by cOrpse on 05-Nov-2002 21:20 GMT
In reply to Comment 2 (strobe):
Its got green and white text on black !! WTF else do you need to know ! :P
An update from Thendic France! : Comment 4 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by DaveW on 06-Nov-2002 04:36 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (cOrpse):
Not a lot more can be said really because no one it seems has had their hands
on it long enough to run some serious tests.
Round one to MorphOS, ding ding!
( PS: Theres another delay announcement in this press release for the skeptics
amongst us )
An update from Thendic France! : Comment 5 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by cAHVA on 06-Nov-2002 06:53 GMT
In reply to Comment 4 (DaveW):
I have got the impression that MorphOS have won about 6 rounds out from 10! Where does Thendic/bPlan got the cash to promote their product so much? I mean, 50 machines and they pay for betatesters trips.. WOW!
An update from Thendic France! : Comment 6 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by cheesegrate on 06-Nov-2002 06:57 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (cAHVA):
the get money from the french secret service and selling drug testing kits so companies can bust their employees ;)
i'm not joking have a look at their website!
An update from Thendic France! : Comment 7 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by James Carroll on 06-Nov-2002 07:35 GMT
In reply to Comment 2 (strobe):
Jesus, do you ever post a message without sniping at OS 4.0/Hyperion/Eyetech/Amiga Inc? You've made it clear you're not interested in their products (10x over), give it a rest already!
An update from Thendic France! : Comment 8 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by MrZammler on 06-Nov-2002 08:24 GMT
Erm, nice line of products, very interesting, but "VideoMicrowave", and "Pega-shush"???
An update from Thendic France! : Comment 9 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by Lando on 06-Nov-2002 10:14 GMT
In reply to Comment 8 (MrZammler):
>Erm, nice line of products, very interesting, but "VideoMicrowave", and
Well, "Video Toaster" was a dumb name too but it did ok :)
An update from Thendic France! : Comment 10 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by anonymous on 06-Nov-2002 12:56 GMT
Too bad they can post informative information in clear view of crap about this D-Day silliness.
A lot of us are willing to cut Thendic some slack but their behaviour in public forums is often inexcuseable. Does this really do anyone any good except maybe appeal to a bunch of zealots that clearly need a life? A bit arrogant to assume that the original comments were directed at you in the first place. If they were you're simply provoking trouble.
An update from Thendic France! : Comment 11 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by Rob on 06-Nov-2002 17:33 GMT
In reply to Comment 9 (Lando):
The "Video Microwave" is aimed at users who enjoy TV dinners. : )
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